Downton Abbey likes to be beside the seaside

Eager fans have spotted the cast of Downton Abbey filming scenes for series four... at the beach


Quick! Get your cosie on and slather yourself in factor 50. The cast of Downton Abbey have abandoned their ancestral pile in favour of a trip to the seaside. 


Beach-goers at East Sussex’s West Wittering were taken by surpise this week when they stumbled upon the cast and crew of hit ITV period drama while they filmed scenes for series four – but luckily they weren’t too stunned to whip out their phones and snag a few sneaky shots.

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So far, we’ve seen the Crawley clan venture to the highlands of Scotland and even the jazz clubs of London, but never before have been seen the gang get sand between their toes. 

In typical Downton Abbey style, though, it doesn’t look like they’ll be getting much sand anywhere… Even though the temperature has been soaring this week, this trio (Rose, Branson and… Edith, maybe?) appear unwilling to shed their modest attire.


While that photographer obviously kept their distance from the filming, one lucky lass got to cosy up to Brendan Coyle. Bates eating a Callipo. Now that’s not a sight you get to see every day…

(Via georgiaremnant)


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