The Voice UK 2013 finalists: Matt Henry

We rate his chances, get the latest gossip and re-live his original audition and best performance

From: London


Age: 34

Team: Jessie

Twitter: @Mrmatthenry

Backstage gossip: Has already been told by mentor Jessie J that she will drop him like a hot stone after the final, come what may. “When we’re here, we devote our time to the acts,” she said. “But they have to remember, we’re doing what they’re doing…  If we stop to hold their hand, our own careers will suffer.” Yay! Thanks Jess!

Audition: Trouble

Road to the final: Matt made all four judges turn round in the blind audition, and chose as his mentor. Then surprisingly he lost his battle to kooky, high-pitched diva Jordan Lee Davies and was stolen by Jessie J. Unlike the other stolen contestants, who were all immediately eliminated in the next round, Matt has improved week by week to make the final – although his qualification in the semi at the expense of Ash Morgan was a big upset.

Bookies’ odds: 22/1

Best performance: Wonder (quarter-final)

RT verdict: A good singer, but he’s the rank outsider because the other contestants have either a stronger personality, a more focused regional fanbase, better genre appeal, or all three. It would be a huge shock if he won. Then again, this time last year we all said that about Leanne Mitchell…


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