Homeland creators: We had to go more “24” to tell Brody’s story

The duo behind the hit US show admit that the second series may have got a little too plot heavy but say they'll "always sacrifice a degree of believability" to keep the story going

Homeland creators Alex Gansa and Howard Gordon have admitted that the second series of the US thriller might have become too “plotty and a little too 24.”


Gansa, who himself worked on anti-terrorist action drama 24, said he could understand why some fans might think Homeland became too plot heavy, but that upping the tempo was necessary to pull off the show’s “big moves”.

“We had some big moves we needed to make, and two of them were killing Abu Nazir and the vice president,” said Gansa. “That had to happen in order for a happy ending between Carrie and Brody to be possible.

“Whether it’s Brody and the vice president or Carrie and Nazir, we’ll always sacrifice a degree of believability in order to put two characters together in a dramatic way.”

Gansa also revealed a little about the third series of the hit US show… Namely that Damian Lewis, aka former Marine Nicholas Brody – who is now playing “the most wanted man on the planet” – will have less screen time than in previous seasons. “He’s going to be hiding somewhere,” Gansa told LA Times. “And if he’s hiding, that limits what he can do.”

The series two finale of Homeland saw Brody go on the run after he was framed for setting off a bomb that killed hundreds of mourners (as well as a lot of series regulars) at the memorial service for Vice President Walden. He is now on Candian soil, while Carrie has returned to mentor Saul and the CIA, and it seems the troubled pair’s fledging relationship will be taking a back seat along with Brody’s plot lines. 

“Exonerating Brody will be in the back of Carrie’s mind,” Gansa revealed, “but as you will see when you tune in to the first couple of episodes, that is not the narrative engine that takes us through the first half of the season. It’s there; she hopes to clear Brody at some point. But there’s a whole lot more going on in her life than that.”

The third series of Homeland will air in the US this September. The show is shown on Channel 4 in the UK.


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