The Voice UK 2013 live shows: the final 12

Your full guide to the contenders - complete with our foolish predictions of where they'll finish...



Sarah Cassidy
Age: 31
Best performance: Let’s Stay Together
Odds: 14/1
RT prediction: out in week one
A flat-out belter who snuck past the accomplished Trevor Francis in the knockouts through sheer conviction and volume, but doesn’t have the overt personality or versatility to go far.

Ash Morgan
Age: 27
Best performance: Never Tear Us Apart
Odds: 13/2
RT prediction: 1st
Beyonce reborn in the body of a gentle giant from Wales. Humble but confident, with a regional vote behind him and a big voice with a great, gritty tone. Yet to hit a wrong note. Way out in front, for our money.

Matt Henry
Age: 34
Best performance: Skinny Love
Odds: 8/1
RT prediction: out in week two
A thoughtful soul singer who can pull off the odd spectacular performance. Not enough power or star quality to win.  


Andrea Begley
Age: 27
Best performance: Angel
Odds: 12/1
RT prediction: 2nd
A heavyweight contender: adorable in her bottle-end specs, with a perfect back story (she started losing her sight at 6 and now has 10% vision), the support of the (Northern) Irish and probably the vote of The Voice’s conservative older viewers. Possible secret weapon: her own songs.

Mitchel Emms
Age: 19
Best performance: The Best of You
Odds: 25/1
RT prediction: out in week one
The teen rocker is too uptight and intense to win over a mass audience – and while every talent show finals has someone singing in this style, they never get very far.

Karl Michael
Age: 27
Best performance: No More I Love Yous
Odds: 13/2
RT prediction: out in week two
The most accomplished performer of the 12, but that doesn’t mean votes. His back story – being dropped by his record label – isn’t very inspiring either.



Leanne Jarvis
Age: 25
Best performance: Hero
Odds: 11/1
RT prediction: out in week two
A likeable Essex girl with a huge voice, but much more personality off the stage than on it.

Leah McFall
Age: 23
Best performance: Loving You
Odds: 5/1F
RT prediction: 4th
Instantly recognisable, quirky and with momentum behind her having only just emerged as a serious contender in the knockout phase. But are her yelping vocal gymnastics as endearing as she is?

Cleo Higgins
Age: 30
Best performance: Love on Top
Odds: 20/1
RT prediction: out in week one
Has probably blown it for good by seeming far too arrogant in the early rounds. The viewing public won’t care that she was once signed to Madonna’s label and has more experience than anyone else.



Mike Ward
Age: 23
Best performance: Don’t Close Your Eyes
Odds: 11/1
RT prediction: out in week one
Slightly bafflingly put straight through to the lives by Tom Jones, this Salford boy’s gentle country stylings belie his tough exterior, but the vocals themselves are nothing to jump up and down about.

Joseph Apostol
Age: 21
Best performance: Don’t Let the Sun Go Down on Me
Odds: 10/1
RT prediction: 3rd
On his day he’s one of the few contestants who can sell the emotion of a song and hit big notes at the same time. Charming in interview, too. If The Voice UK has a big expat Filipino audience, everyone else is screwed.


Alys Williams
Age: 25
Best performance: Everybody’s Got to Learn Sometime
Odds: 20/1
RT prediction: out in week two
Personable, a mum, Welsh and among the more fanciable contestants: plenty of pluses here but there are four or five better singers in the 12.