Sir Bruce defends BGT comments as young star Jack Carroll joins Team Cowell

The second Britain’s Got Talent semi-final saw the cheeky young comedian send-up Brucie


The Sir Bruce Forsyth and Simon Cowell battle rumbles on, as Brucie jumps in to explain his criticism of children’s acts on Britain’s Got Talent. And what do you know, as speculated just yesterday, Sir Bruce was simply trying to pitch a business idea to Cowell.


Sir Bruce told Sky News: “I’m trying to make Simon more money… if he had two shows, if he had Britain’s Children Have Got Talent, and the other one because they do clash a bit. The older performers are put on the backseat really because the children are always going to get the ‘aah’ factor. You know, ‘Aaah, aren’t they good’ and all that. They should have two separate shows and Simon would make even more money.”

But while Sir Bruce may have explained his comments, it can’t keep the comedians from his door. Young stand-up Jack Carroll, 14, who suffers with cerebral palsy, took to the stage last night for his semi-final performance. He, of course, did what all good comedians do – he took the mickey:

“Britain’s Got Talent semis – what about that eh? It’s great to be here. It’s not the first reality TV show I’ve auditioned for. I did audition for Strictly, but I’ve heard nothing back. Apparently Brucie doesn’t think it’s for kids. Dig at the rival show there, I’m proud of myself.”

Annoyingly, the cameras didn’t cut to Cowell’s reaction to that line. But after the performance the head judge told Jack “It’s been actually worth making this show just to meet you.”

Indeed, the yougster clearly hit the right buttons with viewers too, winning the public vote and going straight through to the final.


See Sir Bruce talking to Sky News in the video below. Now, about your other programme idea, Sir Bruce – we think The Aaaah Factor has a ring to it…