Move over Hermione: Emma Watson smokes, waves a gun and flashes her bra in The Bling Ring

The 22-year-old Harry Potter actress is ditching her good girl image in Sofia Coppola's film based on the story of the Hollywood Hills Burglar Bunch

Smoking? Gun-wielding? Bra-flashing? What would Hermione say…?!


Former Harry Potter star Emma Watson is ditching her goody two-shoes persona once and for all in her new film The Bling Ring, swapping spells, school books and magic wands for a much less wholesome way of life. 

Directed by Sofia Coppola, and also starring Leslie Mann, Taissa Farmiga and Erin Daniels, the film casts Watson as Nicki, a character a million miles away from her iconic role of teacher’s pet Hermione Granger, who the actress has described as “superficial, materialistic, vain, amoral”.

The Bling Ring is based on real life events and tells the story of a group of fame obsessed teenagers nicknamed the Hollywood Hills Burglar Bunch, who stalked celebrities and robbed their homes.

See photos of Emma Watson as Nicki and a trailer for The Bling Ring below: