EastEnders spoilers: Max tells Kirsty not to keep their baby – picture preview

The Branning brother makes a shock decision in next week's episodes


Max and Kirsty Branning’s volatile relationship is set to get even more fraught when he tells her that he doesn’t want to be a father again. 


In scenes to be broadcast next week, Max will be seen supporting Kirsty (Kierston Wareing) after learning that she is pregnant, only to change his mind about the situation in the episode set to air on Friday 12 April. 

“He initially tells her he wants it and that they should have the baby,” says Jake Wood, who plays Max. “But afterwards, he has a talk with Tanya at Sharon and Jack’s wedding and feels that there’s a spark between them. Max then decides that this baby is not a good idea. He has got feelings for Tanya and it becomes clear that she has feelings for him. So he tells Kirsty she should have an abortion.” 

True to form, the ever-errant Max will hedge his bets as he remains in a relationship with Kirsty, while attempting to win Tanya back. But his efforts to keep his ex in the dark about Kirsty’s pregnancy will be jeopardised after Lauren discovers the truth. Anxious to keep the information from Tanya, Max asks Lauren to lie: 

“Lauren finds out the secret, but Max feels that if Kirsty gets an abortion, there is no need to tell Tanya at all. That is his plan. But Lauren and secrets are not a good mix…”


So will Tanya learn of this latest development? And how will Kirsty react to Max’s bombshell?