The Voice 2013: Introducing Jessie J

"I know that not everyone is going to like what I say or do, so I have to trust myself"

Is it scary being back?


I actually feel a lot more at ease with the role and the show and more confident knowing that I have experience as a coach. Last year I held back because I was aware that the public didn’t really know who I was. I’m less bothered this year by what people think.

Was it a hard decision to return?

I don’t think this show is about winning and becoming a superstar overnight, because that’s not how it works, ever. This show is about helping someone become an artist and that’s where my strength is, bringing people on, teaching them, not just singing, but how to conduct themselves, how to become aware of themselves.

Are you happy there are more blind auditions?

Honestly, as a girl, it’s not the most comfortable chair. While all the guys can sit back and look relaxed, I either have to sit really upright and forward, or lean to the side. I feel so little in that chair, but at least my feet touch the ground… Will’s don’t!

Are you good at making instinctive decisions?

I do follow my instincts but it doesn’t mean I’m good at it. I like to talk to my friends about everything. I worry that every decision I make is a reflection on me, and whether I see the consequences or not people will judge me for it. But on the show, I know that not everyone is going to like what I say or do, so I have to trust myself. It’s not easy.


The Voice UK returns on Saturday 30 April at 7:00pm on BBC1