Humperdinck to Tyler: “You can do it Bonnie”

Eurovision veteran, who came second from bottom last year, congratulates Tyler on being "the one"


Veteran crooner and former Eurovision contestant Engelbert Humperdinck has written an open letter of congratulations to Britain’s 2013 Eurovision entrant Bonnie Tyler.


The sideburn-sporting singer, who came second from bottom while representing the UK at Eurovision 2012, congratulated Tyler on being “the one to represent our wonderful country.”

He also used the letter to discuss his reaction to last year’s Eurovision Song Contest in a rather roundabout way .

“The Eurovision was such a great step in my career and with the grand support of the BBC and my beloved country behind me, the loss of winning had me stepping on a loose unforgiving stone on a pyramid to paradise,” wrote ‘The Hump’.

“But paradise will always be there for someone else to triumph in fair judgment to pride our country once again.”

Whatever that lot means, Engelbert put things rather more succinctly in his PS, which said: “You can do it Bonnie.”

Tyler, who found fame in the ‘70s and ‘80s with a string of hit singles including Total Eclipse of the Heart, will represent the UK in Malmö in Sweden in May with the song Believe in Me.

Earlier this week, she said: “I am truly honoured and delighted to be able to represent my country at Eurovision and especially with such a fabulous song. I promise to give this everything that I’ve got for the UK!”


Listen to Believe in Me below: