Coronation Street: Sue Nicholls – Audrey’s relationship with Gail totally falls apart

The actress reveals what's in store during "a huge week for the Platts"


Sue Nicholls has been talking about developments in this week’s Coronation Street that see conman Lewis (Nigel Havers) upping the ante as he plans revenge on Gail (Helen Worth). 


“Audrey has no idea that they’re an item,” said Nicholls, referencing scenes in tonight’s episode that find the salon owner catching Gail and Lewis in the act. 

She added: “The loving Platt family, which you all see 52 weeks of the year, will become an absolute war zone as far as Gail and Audrey are concerned.” 

Later in the week, viewers will witness Lewis overhear Nick (Ben Price) and Kylie (Paula Lane) discussing their Christmas one-night-stand. This will then lead to a blackmail attempt as Lewis aims to secure Gail’s bank details from Kylie: “He definitely uses this information that he gets to his advantage. My goodness, does he!” 

Speaking to the show’s official website, Nicholls also gave a clue as to what fans can expect to see on screen as the tension increases: “I’m afraid, there are people who will rue the day they ever lay on a sofa with Lewis… This is going to be a huge week for the Platts that hopefully the viewers won’t ever forget. Every member of the Platts will be involved.” 

The actress also revealed that her loyalties lie with Audrey: “After this terrible bombshell, her relationship with Gail totally falls apart and quite rightly so. I’m sticking up for Audrey and will continue to do so.” 


Watch a preview of tonight’s episodes (7.30/8.30pm) here: