Soap spoilers! The week ahead in Coronation Street, Emmerdale and EastEnders

9-14 December: Carla and Peter make an explosive return to the cobbles while Alfie continues to doubt Kat's fidelity over in Albert Square


Coronation Street


The North West’s answer to Burton and Taylor are back in town: yes, Carla and Peter return just in time for the festive season. And what an entrance, particularly by Carla, who kicks things off by hitting the bottle, brawling with Leanne, demoting Rob and announcing that she’s selling the factory. Still, it’s not all catfights on the cobbles: there’s also the sight of Jason, left goose-pimpled in his grundies following a night of passion with Stella.


The Christmas lights have been switched on, but organiser Alfie isn’t looking as twinkly as his decorations. The reappearance of Kat’s mum’s ring is gnawing away at his soul and he can’t shake the feeling that his missus is still cheating on him. Lola has also had the seeds of suspicion planted in her mind, thanks to Shirley’s constant jibes about Phil’s intentions as regards Lexi. As the day of the court hearing dawns, can she trust Phil enough to take to the stand?



The birth of a baby – a time for a proud dad to show off his new arrival to friends and loved ones. Right? Well, not if you’re Jai and the baby is the result of a drunken one-night stand that you’re terrified your wife will find out about. In this case, matters are made even worse by the fact that Rachel’s newborn is premature and in an incubator, leaving Jai wild-eyed with worry. Charity’s not going to live up to her name if she pieces this one together.