Pudsey the dog: “I feel like a four-legged Fred Astaire”

Ashleigh's BGT-winning pooch discusses fancying Amanda Holden, playing a girl in David Walliams' Mr Stink and inappropriately sniffing the Queen's corgis

What makes you blush?


I find it hard to watch myself on TV. In front of the cameras, I feel like a four-legged Fred Astaire but, watching my performance, I blush and dogs aren’t supposed to be capable of doing that!

And what makes you blub?

Lassie Come Home – a canine classic.

What would you delete from your mistress’s watchlist?

When Ashleigh tunes in to Dog Borstal, It’s Me or the Dog or any obedience show featuring Cesar Millan, I feel a little nervous.

Who makes you turn on the telly?

Nobody. Ashleigh has yet to teach me how to operate the remote.

Is there a show you’d like to be on?

Ashleigh and I are switching to become judges very soon, when Take the Lead scampers on to your screens. It’s an ITV1 talent show for dogs. I wanted to call it Strictly Come Barking.

Who was your first TV crush?

Please don’t make me choose between Amanda Holden, Bolt the dog and Monty Don!

Whose career are you jealous of?

This year, I’ve won Britain s Got Talent, flown to the USA on Simon Cowell’s jet, danced the conga with Kim Kardashian and written Pudsey: My Autobidography. Now I’m set to perform in front of the Queen. There isn’t a jealous bone in my body!

Has anyone left you starstruck?

Not yet, but I might become lost for words when I meet the Queen’s corgis backstage at The Royal Variety Performance. Those guys have such pedigree. I’m worried that I’ll forget my manners. I must remember to sniff their behinds. Frankly, it would be rude not to.

Perfect night in viewing?

Whenever The X Factor is on, everyone is glued to the screen. It’s great, because it means I can slip onto the sofa and nobody notices.

Perfect night out?

Running wild with the local dogs. We’ll hit the park, check out the bins behind the Chinese takeaway then bark at the moon. Ashleigh knows nothing of this, incidentally. Let’s keep it that way.

When did you last Google yourself?

About a week ago, with muddy paws. Now I’ve been banned from the keyboard by Ashleigh until the weather improves.

How do you feel about playing a girl dog in the BBC’s upcoming series Mr Stink?

I was thrilled to pass the audition, but less than overjoyed when I learnt about the gender switch. I only found out in make-up, when the hair clips appeared. Then again, I’m a professional pooch.

How will you get into character?

Before each shoot, I follow a strict regime. I curl up on my bed for half an hour and sleep.

How does Ashleigh figure in these plans? It looks like you no longer need her.

She taught me every trick I know. I only respond to her commands. Without her, I’d be Pudsey the incredible… stationary dog.

Who would play you in a biopic of your life?

Kevin Bacon mmmm, bacon!

Pudsey: My Autobidography is out now, priced £9.99.


Ashleigh and Pudsey are on The Royal Variety Performance (7:30pm, ITV1) and Pet School (4:30pm, CBBC)