Jackass meets Blind Date meets X Factor in fairy tale costumes – introducing E4’s new dating show

My Little Princess promises hair-raising challenges, gallantry, catapults AND an X Factor-style power ballad sing-off... how can this not be a television mega hit?


How far would you go to win a date with the girl of your dreams? Would you volunteer as a human catapult? Brave filthy cesspits and terrifying electric fences? Encounter mind-reading wizards and engage in deadly water battles on desolate lakes? 


If the answer to all of the above is yes, then maybe you should be checking into a psychiatric unit – or alternatively you might be interested in applying for E4’s newly-commissioned “high concept fantasy action game show for dating”, My Little Princess (not to be confused with a Disney film…)

Each episode of the show will feature eight eager male suitors – or ‘princes’ – hitching a ride to a fairy tale kingdom to win the heart of a single fair maiden. But the path to true love does not run smoothly, as each girl’s doting father – the King – stands in their way… 

In order to win a date with daddy’s Little Princess, the young hopefuls must brave a series of “hair-raising” challenges to weed out the weak – leaving just two princes to face a grand finale.

After the bravery demonstrated thus far, what could possibly come between the candidates and their beloved? Isn’t it obvious?! A power ballad sing-off. Taking a leaf out of The X Factor’s book, the two remaining suitors will engage in battle as they pitt their dulcet tones against one another. Can they use their sweet melodies to melt the heart of their princess?

“My Little Princess is a truly out of this world entertaining and innovative format,” said Channel 4 Features Commissioning Editor, Kate Teckman. “It is what the fairy tale kingdom of E4 is all about.”

“This is the craziest and most dangerous dating show that has ever been produced,” added executive producer Gary Monaghan. “Imagine if Jackass made Blind Date dressed in fairy tale costumes and you might get the picture.

“We’ve got witches, wizards, evil jesters, human catapults, talking horses and boys being thrown off bridges into a lake for being rubbish.” 

If you can’t wait for the eight hour-long episodes packed full of “gallant”, “intelligent” and “determined” princes risking life and limb for true love then fear not, the series will begin airing on E4 in January 2013.


Admit it, you’ll be tuning in…