The Archers spoilers: an event goes awry for Kenton, Ed’s in crisis, Lilian frets about Matt

Previewing all of next week's drama in Ambridge

Just a month to go before Christmas but it seems that good cheer is in short supply. First of all there’s Ed, Emma and their seemingly intractable problems, which worsen this week following a disaster at work. Ed is left despairing that he won’t ever be able to support his young family. Can he find a way out of this financial nightmare? 


Then we have Lilian back at the helm at the Amside office, where she learns some shocking news that shakes what faith she has left in partner Matt. And don’t go looking for peace and goodwill at Lower Loxley either: the business consultant’s report is in and Hayley is beginning to seriously worry that her job will not be safe in the future. 

Mike is also feeling some discomfort, although that’s down to a Borsetshire Life photographer turning up at work to take shots that will accompany Jim Lloyd’s forthcoming article. Never one to hog the limelight, Mike is not a willing photographic subject – and things are made worse when Vicky tries to intervene to ensure that her man is looking at his best. 

Finally, Kenton is forced to make the best of a tricky situation at the Bull when an event upstairs doesn’t go according to plan. And at Jaxx, events take a surprising turn for Fallon when an unexpected customer turns up at the bar, which leads to an interesting night off… 



Things take an unexpected turn at the Jaxx bar in Borchester. Meanwhile, Hayley is feeling anxious. 


Vicky makes her presence known, and Lilian drops by unannounced. 


Lilian takes control and Kenton is put in an uncomfortable position. 


Ed reaches a crisis point and Fallon has an interesting night off. 


Oliver gets some practice and Ed receives bad news. 



Emma worries about the future, while Elizabeth has some big ideas.