EastEnders spoilers: Joey and Lauren kiss, Christian is arrested, plus Carol returns

Read our preview and see pics of next week's drama in Walford

First, there are Halloween celebrations at the Vic: Kim comes dressed as Wonder Woman, while Fat Boy plays the part of a ghost hunter. After Fats tells punters that Albert Square was the scene of one of Jack the Ripper’s early murders  – “before he became X Factor famous” – Poppy reminds everyone that the pub has its own terrifying history: not one, but two former landlords were murdered on the premises. 


Unfortunately, Fats’s enthusiasm for his new role is dampened when Denise tells him that she doesn’t want to continue with their clandestine relationship. “Keep it as a lovely memory” she tells her crestfallen admirer.

There’s an altogether more threatening atmosphere at the gym, where Christian is confronting Danny, his recent rival for Syed’s affections. Danny won’t let the matter of Syed’s £500 debt lie and Christian wants to put an end to the threats. This prompts Danny to taunt that Syed is “sending his Muscle Mary to do his dirty work”. 

Punches are soon being thrown and both men walk away sporting cuts and bruises. But an accusation of assault from Danny soon results in Christian being taken into police custody. Syed is horrified by the development and takes Danny to task.

Carol, meanwhile, returns to Walford with Liam, Morgan and Tiff in tow. Bianca is due back in a month’s time, so Carol is less than pleased to find Derek’s hooky gear in every cupboard in the house. She’s even more startled to discover that Jack has taken up with Sharon: “I don’t know what planet I’ve landed on, but what the hell is going on?” she yells.

Sharon, though, is more concerned with Phil putting her name down as his fiancée in order to get residency of Lola’s daughter Lexi. Phil cannot see that he’s done anything wrong and explains the lengths to which he’ll go to ensure that his granddaughter is returned to her family: “If I have to wade in to make that happen, then I will. And if that makes me wrong, then I don’t care.”


Lauren and Joey are also throwing caution to the wind. The two cousins lock lips after facing up to their feelings for one another. “If you don’t like your life, do something about it,” says Joey before leaning in for a kiss. But is Lauren truly ready to reciprocate?