Sherlock’s Benedict Cumberbatch – “There’s always hope for Molly”

Will the lab geek's unrequited love for the detective remain just that in series three?

Turns out Benedict Cumberbatch can be a bit of a tease. Saturday night saw the Sherlock star being interviewed on stage at the Cheltenham Literature Festival by co-star Louise Brealey, who plays lab technician Molly Hooper.


And as any fan of the series will know, Brealey’s character holds something of a torch for the detective, with very little sign as yet that her feelings are reciprocated.

So when Brealey asked Cumberbatch “Is there hope for Molly?” the room held its breath as the star replied “There’s always hope for Molly” – before continuing, with a sly smile, “that’s the cruel thing…”


Series three of Sherlock is due to begin filming in January 2013, with an air date yet to be announced.