The X Factor 2012: Kye Sones

Everything you need to know about the persistent chimney sweep

Age: 30


From: London

Category: Over-28s

Mentor: Gary Barlow

Bio: Chimney sweep Kye had been trying to break into the music world for years before his X Factor auditions, which saw him impress the panel enough to go through to the judges’ houses.

Once there, his rendition of Maroon 5’s Payphone sealed the deal and earned Kye a place in the live finals, where he’s hoping to launch a career that will take him away from his dirty day job.

He said: “The last ten years have been a mixture of rubbish jobs and then music. I have been in loads of bands that haven’t worked out, I have gone straight back to work. It’s been really hard.

“This for me is 12 years of hard graft. I don’t want to clean chimneys and shovel up soot all day. I’d rather be singing for my supper, that’s for sure.”

What we said: “There was a run of hysterical belters – because so many classic records feature the vocalist building to an enormous note it takes them several seconds to get the pitch of, don’t they? Kye sounded like Leonard Cohen in comparison and was easily through.” (week six, boot camp)


RT predicts: His big wobble at judges’ houses has to set alarm bells ringing. Before that, flawless but not earth-shattering vocals were what he was relying on. 7th