Watch the Hairy Bikers explain their new-found passion for dieting

In our exclusive video, the hirsute foodies reveal the motivations behind their new slim-line cookery series


Si King and Dave Myers are back on BBC2 tonight with their new series Hairy Dieters: How to Love Food and Lose Weight, in which the freewheeling chefs will be teaching viewers how to prepare low-calorie versions of their favourite dishes.


As the lads explain in our video interview, after years of travelling the world and indulging their every culinary whim, they’d piled on a few too many extra pounds for comfort and finally decided it was time to slim down. 

So in this new series they’ve cut out the booze, eaten more healthily and, as a result, both Bikers have lost several inches off their waistlines. Indeed, as Dave says the interview: “I can see me b******s for the first time!”

While their weight-loss advice isn’t particularly revolutionary (“It’s really simple: the less food you stick in your gob, the less weight you put on”), the Bikers still managed to have fun while watching the flab melt away.

With diets that averaged around 3000 calories per day at the start of the series, King and Myers were challenged to halve their daily calorie intake and, in response, came up with some truly ingenius solutions to “problem” foods, such as substituting unrolled leeks for sheets of pasta in lasagne.


Hairy Dieters: How to Lose Weight and Love Food starts on BBC2 tonight at 8:00pm, and you can see clips of the first episode on the BBC’s website.