Strictly Come Dancing 2011: week six review

Following Lulu's departure is anybody safe? And what is the secret to Strictly survival?

I know that I should care that we said toodle-oo to Lulu in a “shocking” results show yesterday, but all I can remember from this weekend’s Strictly is how awful Jennifer Grey was. Why was she there?


“Baby” and her script should have been put in a corner and left there because she definitely didn’t belong on the judging panel. She added nothing and as an actress who should be able to memorise a few lines, you would think that she could have at least remembered the cheesy gags someone had written for her, as opposed to directing all of her “comments” at the desk.

I understand that Len needs a break from his international jet-set lifestyle, but surely out of all the former Strictly winners they could have picked someone with a personality and something meaningful to contribute.

Anyway, now that I’ve got that off my chest…

Everyone was expecting Audley to be on the receiving end of the knock-out punch – he’s been in the bottom two nearly every week and admittedly he can’t dance – but as we approach the half-way point of the show a clear distinction starts to appear between the contestants.

As viewers, we love nothing more than a reality-show “journey”. Overcome the handicap of clown feet? Fallen over but recovered with grace? Accidentally flashed the audience and run off stage in tears? Then we’ll love you and vote for you. But turn up week after week and forget your routine – yawn.

Audley will surely not survive to trip his way through another dance – his “journey” is now complete and we’ll grow tired of him – but the rest of the stars should also watch out. We are a fickle bunch and a sweet celebrity tale can quickly turn sour. They need to keep improving, keep entertaining and keep their story moving forward in order to keep their place. So, how do the rest of their journeys rate so far?

The tubby star-gazer didn’t have that much potential until we all realised he was game for a laugh and up for anything. The joy of watching him hasn’t diminished and pulling stunts like the rodeo bull will keep it going for a few weeks yet for Russell Grant, I would imagine.

Jason started off as the favourite but as his energy and capacity to rehearse non-stop ebbs, I suspect we will start to see that he isn’t actually the most natural or gifted dancer in the competition.  But can he take it with grace? Is it awful that I can’t wait to find out?

While Harry started as an identikit boy-band member in a group not many Strictly viewers will have heard of, we are slowly seeing his personality and ability shine through, which should impress us and keep us interested.

Alex is slowly transforming from a giggly girl-next-door into a confident, sexy woman, which has a bit of mileage left in it as long as she keeps on improving and enjoying herself.

I can see glimpses of the Robbie we all thought we knew and hated seething under the surface of the off-pitch shy persona we first saw on Strictly, and as he struggles to impress Craig I am secretly hoping it will be unleashed live on TV.

Chelsee’s scores are high enough to keep her out of any real danger, which has given the viewers the chance to warm to her – and the wardrobe mishap actually endeared her to us further. It’s clear for all to see that she works hard and has a real talent.

To be brutally honest, Holly is boring me a bit already. She comes out week after week and dances well but has yet to take my breath away and although the judges keep saying she has the potential to, I am on the verge of giving up.

And then there’s Anita, who is fun to watch and is doing incredibly well – considering she is 62. That caveat can surely only get her so far as the competition hots up, though.


But that’s just my opinion – and after all, what do I know? If it was up to me Ann Widdecombe would have won last year.