Strictly Come Dancing 2011: week two review

The 14 celebrities finally dance for their Strictly lives, but who will the public love enough to save?

So Strictly has finally really got started and…didn’t they do well!


Almost without exception everyone upped their game and performed far better than last week…almost…

It turns out that there isn’t an ounce of elegance or co-ordination in Nancy Dell’Olio after all. The routine was a farce from beginning to end, and although last week it may well have been one intentionally, this week I fear Anton did try his best to bring out the dancer in her. It’s a good thing he perfected the art of the comedy routine last year.

Vincent also tried to play it straight with Edwina but with similar results. It just ended up being boring and cringey and he’ll have to pray for the Widdecombe effect to get them through to next week – although I wouldn’t count on it.

Audley looked like he was having fun but his days must also surely be numbered, Craig was spot on when he called Dan Lobb “lumpestuous” – onomatopoeia at its finest, and Anita should hope and pray that next week she gets a ballroom dance because Latin is definitely not her strong suit.

Those couples aside however, the rest were impressive.

Using mild electric shocks is a novel approach to training, but paid off handsomely for Alex Jones. For a middle-aged man of some gravitas Rory pulled off a great salsa. Ola worked wonders on Robbie, who looked comfortable on the dance floor and has great potential. And Chelsee Healey danced well enough to impress the judges, although as the youngest and least well-known celebrity this year the viewers may well be harder to win over.

Lulu managed to remember most of her routine, which was a huge leap forward – although it didn’t spare her the curse of being Brucie’s “favourite”, and Holly, Jason and Harry proved that last week was not a fluke and that they are naturally gifted dancers. 


Which leaves us with Russell Grant. Despite his face being distorted by the concentration it takes to remember the steps and to breathe, he looked like he was having the time of his life. Never has a song been so apt – a Dancing Queen is born!