Are The X Factor and Strictly Come Dancing too sexy for early evening?

Ofcom has warned that talent shows are getting near the knuckle - do you agree? Vote and post a comment

Last week, Ofcom issued a warning to entertainment and talent shows about broadcasting “sexualised clothing and dance routines” in pre-watershed slots.


Christina Aguilera’s raunchy performance on the 2010 X Factor final, judged by Ofcom to be “at the very margin of acceptability”, was watched by over a million children, while Rihanna’s 2011 final appearance was characterised as featuring “mildly sexual overtones and… images of her gyrating and rocking her buttocks.”

“Broadcasters should take care to avoid any explicit images of sexual behaviour or images that convey a sexualised theme,” said the broadcasting watchdog.

“Ofcom would not expect to see any images that failed to adequately cover their bodies, in particular breasts, buttocks or genital area.”

And Ofcom’s strictures appear to have had an influence on Strictly Come Dancing policy, with bosses reportedly cutting certain provocative moves from the Saturday show, which airs at 6:05pm, before youngster’s favourite Merlin.


So, with worries over the early sexualisation of children, should pre-watershed entertainment and talent shows such as The X Factor and Strictly Come Dancing be toned down? Vote in our poll and leave a comment below.