The X Factor 2011: Judges’ houses – Tulisa’s groups

It’s reigning men in Tulisa’s category


This weekend’s X Factor featured a lot of smiling from Tulisa – not just because she’s recently had her teeth done, but because she also got the category she wanted: the groups. And according to the odds, this year will see a battle of the man bands at the judges’ houses stage…


Nu Vibe – (Odds on winning: 12/1)

Who are they? Solo auditionees Richard, Stefan, Bradley, Jordan and Ashford were put together to form a group at boot camp and got girls (and Gary) smiling. Barlow declared them “the surprise of the day.”
We say:

A more mature, more urban One Direction, they look like the ones to beat in the groups category.

The Risk – 14/1

Who are they?
Derry, Ashley, Marlon, Mitchell and Andrew were also put together by the judges.


We say: A weak link in the band stops them reaching the heights of frontrunners Nu Vibe. Maybe a shake-up at the judges’ houses could do them some good.

The Keys – 25/1
Who are they? Early favourites in the competition, Rohan, Lewis, Charlie, Dan and Nick have continued to impress the judges throughout auditions with their solid harmonies and Topman styling.
We say: They’re good, but it’s all about Charlie (the small one, centre, who usually wears hats) – hopefully Tulisa can give him a lifeline. 

2 Shoes – 33/1
Who are they? 
What happens when TOWIE meets The X Factor. Essex girls Charley (the blonde one) and Lucy (the other one) have surprised the judges from the start. 

We say: The new Jedward are bang on TV trend and we can’t get enough of them calling Dermot “Derm”. 

The Lovettes – 40/1

Who are they? Chess, Sharna and Melissa, an amalgamated group formed after the audition stages. 
We say: They can all sing, but they’re less memorable than their male counterparts.

Rhythmix – 66/1

Who are they? 
The most mixed-up of the bunch, Jade and LeAnn came from Orion, a group put together by the judges, and Jessie and Perry from Faux Pas, another of the panel’s newly formed bands. 
We say: They look the best of all the girl groups, but the constant line-up changes may be hard to get over.

Estrella – 80/1

Who are they? An original and glamorous four-piece from Liverpool.
We say: They’ve been around a lot longer than the others, but it doesn’t show.

Boy V Girl – 80/1

Who are they? Becci and Aaron – an engaged couple who also like to sing together.
We say: Hmm, maybe they should concentrate on planning their wedding.