Coronation Street, EastEnders, Emmerdale – the week ahead

There's more catastrophe for Carla, Ben and Duncan's liaison is made public and Hazel wavers over Bob's proposal

Coronation Street


With a conniving Frank filling Leanne with suspicions about Peter, there’s a dreadful inevitability to what comes next in the catalogue of catastrophe that is Carla’s life. As the young Mrs Barlow confronts her beau and Stella’s squashing still occupies her, Leanne answers Peter’s phone at a most inopportune moment. Time to say goodbye?

Meanwhile, Anna and Owen lose their post-coital glow, Sunita joins the ranks of those annoyed by Dev, and Kevin’s plans for Jack irk Tyrone and — altogether now — “Only Pam!”


With the exception of Michael Moon — still miserable, especially with Vanessa — everyone loves
a bit of kissing, and Ben is making up for lost time with Duncan. But this giddiness can’t last and, once their bliss is witnessed, events spiral like a one-winged pigeon, throwing poor Patrick into the path of a feral Phil in full rampaging rhino mode.

And as Zainab struggles to comprehend what’s happened to her — not just her overdose, but how she turned into a 21st-century Pauline Fowler — Syed resolves to get to the truth of her sorry situation. So that will remain a mystery then.


As an increasingly agitated Aaron snubs help when it’s tendered, Hazel wavers over Bob’s proposal and Moira declines Declan’s offer, the villagers look like a thoroughly ungrateful lot. Yes, more than usual. But at least in Moira’s case you can understand her wariness. Declan’s attempt at a smile can’t disguise his shark-like teeth. Mack the Knife would be so proud.


Elsewhere, Lisa warns Amy against trying to influence Belle. Imagine — the Dingles taking the moral high ground. That’s a novel experience.