Coronation Street, EastEnders, Emmerdale – the week ahead

Carla confronts Frank, Darren faces the repercussions of his tryst with Lauren and Amy turns to drink...


Coronation Street


Biting bullets can cause cracked teeth, but what’s the alternative — swallowing them whole? Even without lumps of lead in her belly, Carla has a sinking feeling as she finally confronts Frank. What follows is a trauma that not even she could foresee and one that will have consequences for herself, her fiancé, her friends and neighbours.

Elsewhere, Sean dumps Marcus, Tina is unnerved by a not-so-cute Kirsty, and Lloyd reads the riot act to Tracy. Almost as amazing as the fact that Lloyd can read is that for once Tracy actually listens.


As a tormented Tanya prepares for her operation, attempting to keep her suffering from her family, others endure ordeals of a different order. 

Darren’s ill-advised tryst with Lauren proves disastrous for his and Jodie’s future happiness, Zainab’s reliance on sleeping pills takes a terrible turn, and Phil proves himself no closer to winning the father of the year award. At least Ben has a supportive shoulder in Christian, and perhaps more in the young Duncan. 

Meanwhile, Jean is Vic landlady for the day. Sausage surprise all round!


As Amy struggles to cope with her condition, she responds in that age-old British way to circumstances of an upsetting nature: if in doubt — or desperation, despair, or all of the above — drink. And such is her despondency, what a thirst she has, and what a hangover she’ll have. Though that’s as nothing compared with her crippling stomach pains.


Elsewhere, fellow villagers are crippled by pains in the heart (Gennie), pains in the wallet (John and Moira), and pains in the neck (Jimmy and Nicola). What awful agony.