Strictly Come Dancing 2011: exclusive backstage video

RT goes behind the scenes of the launch show

Lulu was carried off the stage kicking and screaming by Brendan Cole and
Kristina Rihanoff jumped all over Jason Donovan, having been given a
partner who might make it past week one…


Edwina Currie looked like the
girl nobody wanted on the netball team as she eagerly waited until last
to find out who she would be dancing with, and Anton du Beke seemed
extremely pleased with himself for having dodged a large, right-wing, bossy
politician shaped bullet that looked like it was heading straight for

Strictly has once again whetted our ballroom appetite by making a
show of the celebrity matchmaking process – and how I love watching the
anxious pro dancers try to hide their disappointment when they are given
the comedy act and their delight when they get someone under the age of
50 who can get past the first stage of a bleep test.

As ever there is a mix of sportsmen, actresses, soap stars and TV
presenters but as the years go on it has become harder to separate the
winners from the cannon fodder.
Ann Widdecombe blurred the lines so, that I think Flavia may have
genuinely been pleased with Russell Grant (who is surprisingly light on
his feet).

There are obviously the celebrities who look like they have
potential. Alex Jones, Harry Judd, Lulu and Jason Donovan can
definitely move but could Edwina outstay them all? We can’t
underestimate the Widdecombe effect, which could carry her all the way
to the final…poor little Vincent better muster up all his strength.

Here’s a sneak peek backstage at Television Centre.