BBC announces open auditions for The Voice

Auntie's X Factor rival takes a step closer to our screens


Can you sing but just haven’t got your break yet?  Have you been
rejected by The X Factor, Britain’s Got Talent, Must Be the Music, Pop
Idol, Fame Academy, Don’t Forget the Lyrics and Popstars: The Rivals?


Well, never fear… you’ve got at least one more shot at the big
time, because today the BBC announced their open audition process for The Voice – a talent show from the creator of Big Brother.

format rocked the US ratings for NBC this summer, averaging well over
10 million viewers per show, and the BBC will be hoping their new
acquisition will be The X Factor killer they’ve been searching for since
Simon Cowell launched his ITV behemoth in 2004. 

It appears the
UK version will be almost identical to the US format, with blind
auditions (complete with spinning chairs) and a “battle stage” followed
by live finals.  The only marked difference will be the judges.  In the
US, they consist of Cee Lo Green, Adam Levine, Christina Aguilera and
Blake Shelton (pictured above) – so far all we know about the reported £20 million BBC
buy-in is that it will feature “four of the best and most successful
singers in the music industry”.

The success or failure of the
format may pivot on securing big and credible names to pull in the
punters.  Names bandied about include Robbie Williams and Cheryl Cole –
but whether the BBC has deep enough pockets to fulfil such an
extravagant wish list remains to be seen.  

At present we don’t
know when the show is going to air, but with non-broadcast open
auditions across the country during November, it looks like a spring
transmission would be a good guess.


So, if you fancy yourself as the next Steve Brookstein, click here now and join the next stage in the talent show revolution.