Rough Cuts: Simon Cowell is a Popeye-dol

What is the secret to the media mogul's success?


He’s got a lot on this autumn, that Simon Cowell…


Not only is he taking a punt on an American version of The X Factor, he’s launching a high-concept game show – Red or Black? – in the UK and he’ll be keeping a close eye on the British version of his talent show as it begins a new series this weekend with three brand-new judges.

But how does the 51-year-old keep up?

Well, Rough Cuts can reveal that at least some of your favourite television tycoon’s strength comes from an unlikely source – spinach smoothies. 

Indeed, just like EC Segar’s Popeye the Sailor, Mr Cowell has a penchant for the edible flowering plant of the Amaranthaceae family. 

However, unlike the cartoon hero, whose antioxidant and vitamin-fuelled diet is almost exclusively gleaned from tins, Mr Cowell prefers his spinach freshly ground into his favourite drink. How terribly zeitgeisty…

And before you ask, here’s how to make a smoothie fit for a talent show king. Happy blending:

Simon’s spinach smoothie recipe

1 banana

2 large handfuls of young fresh spinach

juice from half a lemon

small amount of crushed ginger

small glass of water

12 ice cubes


large tablespoon of honey