Glastonbury 2011: Steve Lamacq on avoiding camping

This year is the BBC 6 Music presenter's "14th or 15th" visit to the festival


Are you camping?

I’ve never slept under the stars in my life – not at a festival, not anywhere and I’m not about to start now. As Evan Dando would say, I’m really not the outdoor type. I like a warm shower of a morning.


Which of the headliners are you excited about: U2, Coldplay or Beyoncé?

It’ll be nice to have Coldplay back on the main stage and they’ve promised some new songs, so that ought to be interesting.

Best of the rest?

It’s a great opportunity to see as many different types of music as possible. This is the Vaccines’ first summer of festivals, so I’ll be watching their performance closely; a young Aussie blues player called CW Stoneking; Kitty, Daisy and Lewis, who are this superb nu-school rockabilly trio; and War Paint for some chin-stroking, thoughtful indie.

Are you a veteran Glastonbury-goer?

I think this is my 14th or 15th. The first time was quite terrifying because it’s so big: it’s a pop-up town the size of Colchester. Now I’ve got into the habit of just wandering, marvelling at the many sights, drinking it all in…

Standout year?

2009, the year Blur reunited: so many of the performances were really touching, from Steel Pulse – my all-time favourite British reggae band who I’d never seen play live before – to Wonder Stuff to a terrifically emotional Blur on the final night. Oh yes, and I got to interview Bruce Springsteen, who turned out to be a really lovely bloke.

Which other festival do you rate?

Reading is a great place to check out new bands. I’ve been every year since 1990. It’s a young crowd and you can always spot the festival virgins – wide-eyed teens free from their parents’ beady eyes for three glorious days. I love their enthusiasm.


On Friday, Saturday and Sunday, Steve Lamacq presents a special lunchtime edition of Roundtable at 1pm on 6 Music, and takes listeners on a tour of the Glastonbury stages at 10pm.