Interview: Coronation Street’s Michelle Keegan on Tina’s troubles

There are tough times ahead for the Corrie barmaid as her boyfriend Graeme’s duplicity is exposed


Poor Tina McIntyre is quickly becoming the Coronation Street character to whom nothing good will ever happen.


Her lowest point came last year when deluded dad Joe’s plan to fake his own death had the opposite outcome to the one he’d hoped for (he drowned). Tina spent weeks locked away in her flat where grief caused her perma-tan to fade to alabaster white as she cried herself into a desiccated husk.

Luckily, help came in the form of oddball squeegee merchant Graeme Proctor, the former arsonist with the sideline in off-kilter wit, who saw Tina through her darkest hour.

The pair became an item and everything was blissful – until the arrival of Tina’s friend Xin, the would-be psychiatric nurse experiencing problems with her visa.

A sham wedding to Graeme was enough to fool the immigration authorities, but Graeme soon fell for his ‘wife’, leading to a complicated state of affairs where he now has to choose between two lovers. Something tells me that it’s not going to turn out well for the unsuspecting Tina…

“She’s still completely head over heels in love with Graeme and thinks he feels the same way,” says Michelle Keegan, who’s played the long-suffering Tina since the character’s debut in 2008. “She’s finally happy and has settled down with a lovely, trustworthy lad – or so she thinks!”

Next week’s episodes will see all her illusions shattered as confessions spill forth following a shock confrontation. But who will be feeling the full force of Tina’s rage?

“She blames Xin for coming in and taking her life, for swanning in and getting carried away with their big game of pretend. But it’s Graeme that’s hurt her the most and she never imagined that he’d be a cheat.”

If I were Graeme, I’d he hightailing it out of Weatherfield on that rickety rickshaw as fast as I could pedal, for Tina has a bit of a history when it comes to revenge. After all, this is the woman who interrupted her own father’s funeral in order to loudly label the Platt family as the Munsters.

The one option I’m dreading is that she rebounds into a relationship with the lecherous Tommy Duckworth, the grease monkey whose chat-up lines should have earned him a restraining order.

“Well, she definitely thinks he’s a bit of a lad and someone who could be a great mate. I’m not sure whether he’s boyfriend material. Getting with Tommy might make Graeme jealous, so who knows?”

All of which sounds absolutely dreadful. Even Norris – her former sparring partner from the Kabin – would be preferable, surely? One thing we can be assured of, though, is that Tina isn’t going to find any much-sought-after happiness soon.


“She’s had so much hurt in the past, and now the one person who she trusted more than anyone looks set to run off with her best mate. She’s crushed and she’s definitely not going to be able to trust easily again. Not for a long time anyway.”