Q&A: Amanda Holden

The Britain's Got Talent judge reveals her guilty secret – and why Frankie Boyle gets a No


Which TV series would you take to a desert island? 


Entourage. I love the glitz and the fact there’s no heartache – it’s just another fabulous day in Hollywood.

What’s your guilty TV pleasure?

Katie Price, Peter Andre and Kerry Katona’s shows. They’re great bad telly. I’ve developed a soft spot for Peter Andre. I was never a fan of his music, but he comes across as a really good dad and I’m a sucker for stuff like that.

Who do you change channels to avoid? 

Frankie Boyle. I loathe him. I don’t think he’s funny or clever andI don’t understand why anyone would give him a television show. You can print that.

Would you ever do a reality series like Strictly Come Dancing? 

Once I had a dream that my agent had signed me up for Dancing on Ice and I was begging her to get me out of it. It was horrible! I absolutely adore watching them, but there’s no way I would take part.

Who would you like to take to dinner? 

Grand Designs’ Kevin McCloud and Phil Spencer from Location, Location, Location. I find property fascinating and if I weren’t doing what I’m doing, I’d love to be in that world. And I have a tiny crush on them: my two hot baldy men on telly.

What makes you shout? 

The length of TV adverts. You can make a four-course meal in the middle of some programmes!

Do you ever Google yourself?

God, no! My husband has me on Google alert. Whenever he gets something funny or nice, he shares, but the rest of the time I don’t want to know. I’m a massive Twitter fan, though. That’s my naughty habit. I broke my thumbnail tonight because I was tweeting too much.

How does this series of Britain’s Got Talent compare? 

The new judges have given the show a real kick up the backside. I’ve missed Simon Cowell and Piers Morgan terribly because I adore them both, but Michael McIntyre is a hoot. He’s constantly thinking up jokes and scribbling them down. He never stops. You have to tell him to shut up. In the live shows when we have only 30 seconds each to comment, it’s been my job to interrupt him.

And David Hasselhoff?

The Hoff is very sweet, well intentioned and a bit bonkers and I always like that in a person. And tall: he towers over us all. Simon might have to sit on a cushion so he’s the same height.

Is Simon back for the final?

Yes, I can’t wait. I know he’s going to spend most of the show going: “Why have you chosen this? Why that? I can’t believe you put them through…” But it’ll be good fun.

You’ve been on screen every night for a week – hard work? 

Sure – but I’m playing Princess Fiona on stage in Shrek the Musical and theatre is much harder work than telly! It’s the first time I’ve been tempted by a musical since Thoroughly Modern Millie eight years ago. For the last scene I’m painted green in one minute, ten seconds. It then takes for ever to scrape off. I leave every night tinged green.

Did Cameron Diaz, who voiced Princess Fiona in the film, give you any tips?

No, but apparently she’s coming to the official opening night [14 June]. Then it’ll be my turn to bring a box to stand on, so I can be as tall as her! 

Amanda Holden returns to Shrek the Musical at London’s Theatre Royal on 6 June