Charlie's Angels

Charlie's Angels

Elizabeth Banks (2) (2019)

12A Certificate


Our Score
This vision of the 1970s TV series from writer/director Elizabeth Banks follows a new generation of Angels (Naomi Scott, Ella Balinska, Kristen Stewart) as they look to stop dangerous technology getting into the wrong hands. The 70s franchise gets a modern makeover, evolving the concept neatly and introducing leads that feel suited to a post-#MeToo world. While the trio of stars brings something to the table, it's Stewart's wisecracking spy that stands out from the start. These freshly minted action heroes become mired in a formulaic story that doesn't make the most of their chemistry, relying instead on protracted action scenes that slow down the middle act. Equally under-served is Sam Claflin, who is quite forgettable as the evil corporate villain and limited to a few over-the-top speeches. An interesting twist picks up the pace in the last half hour, but overall these Angels deserved a more dynamic mission for their debut.

Cast & Crew

Sabina Wilson Kristen Stewart
Elena Houghlin Naomi Scott
Jane Kano Ella Balinska
Bosley Elizabeth Banks (2)
John Bosley Patrick Stewart
Alexander Brok Sam Claflin
Edgar Bosley Dijimon Hounsou
Hodak Jonathan Tucker
Langston Noah Centineo
Peter Fleming Nat Faxon
Saint Luis Gerardo Mendez
Charlie Robert Clotworthy
Kelly Garrett Jaclyn Smith
Fight instructor Ronda Rousey
Bomb instructor Laverne Cox
Angel recruit Hailee Steinfeld
Angel recruit Lili Reinhart
Director Elizabeth Banks (2)
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Other Information

Language: EnglishColourTheatrical distributor: SonyGuidance: Some violence and swearingReleased on: 29 Nov 2019