If there's one EastEnders character who will certainly have all eyes on him at Christmas Day, it's Rocky Cotton (played by Brian Conley).


Earlier in the year, he made one big error when he was struck down by his gambling addiction and forced to damage the electrics in his wife's café, meaning he could claim on the insurance.

But while Kathy's (Gillian Taylforth) in the dark, there's no doubt Rocky's involvement will have to come out at some point – and with all eyes on who's the body on Christmas Day, we can't help but worry for Rocky's safety when she does find out.

RadioTimes.com and other press heard from Conley about the gripping storyline and what the future holds for the newlyweds.

Rocky has proven time and time again that he can’t be trusted. Having made the biggest mistake of all by setting fire to the café, do you think Kathy and Rocky can survive this latest hurdle?

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BC: Kathy obviously has put up with a hell of a lot [Laughs] since the wedding. He’s so optimistic about the future and he tries to remain positive always, but I think he knows in his heart that it will be asking a hell of a lot from her to forgive him.

But you never know, goodwill to all men and hopefully at Christmas the magic fairy will come down and change everything and put it all back to normal, but I think that’s very unlikely. [Laughs]

I mean, the fact that it is Christmas, Kathy might find it in her heart to forgive him, but I don’t think she will and he would have to do a hell of a lot to win back her trust. She has forgiven him in the past because their love is so strong and they truly love each other.

All of this was to try and help the situation as they got deeper and deeper into debt, and Rocky saw this as the only answer. It was always because he loved Kathy and he wanted to make it all right, so maybe she will see through all of it and realise that’s what he was trying to do. But he has burnt down her cafe, so we’ll have to wait and see.

EastEnders,17-10-2023,6786,Rocky (BRIAN CONLEY),****EMBARGOED TILL TUESDAY 10TH OCTOBER 2023****, BBC, Jack Barnes/Kieron McCarron
Brian Conley as Rocky in EastEnders.

Rocky is continuing to keep his involvement secret from wife Kathy. Where do we find Rocky at this point in the storyline and how is he feeling?

BC: Devastated that he’s bought this all on himself. He’s got no one else to blame but himself and he really shouldn’t have gone to Nish to ask for a loan – what did he ever expect? It’s made even worse that it is Christmas.

I think moments like this really do magnify over the Christmas period where everyone is joyous and looking forward, so he’s just devastated about the whole thing and I don’t think he can see a way out even though he tries to remain positive.

What has it been like working up to the storyline since February?

BC: I think it’s amazing. It’s very clever and I think you can only do this type of story in an ongoing drama. The audience have been very patient.

Do you think Rocky will be wearing the dreaded cufflinks at Christmas?

BC: It’s a possibility. He could be, or it could be anyone…

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