Nish Panesar (Navin Chowdhry) issued Rocky Cotton (Brian Conley) with a strong ultimatum over his role in the recent fire in tonight's EastEnders (14th November 2023).


Rocky started the blaze at his wife Kathy's (Gillian Taylforth) café so he could claim on the insurance, pay off his debts and pay Nish back for his loan. But step-grandson Peter Beale (Thomas Law) is critically ill in hospital after getting caught in the fire, and Kathy was arrested!

Harvey Monroe (Ross Boatman) was furious that Rocky refused to confess even as his own wife remained in police custody, and he got violent with Rocky as tempers flared.

Rocky Cotton is pinned up against a wall by Harvey Monroe in EastEnders
Rocky Cotton is pinned up against a wall by Harvey Monroe in EastEnders BBC

Rocky was keen to ensure that they could claim from the insurance to solve his problems, but detectives were convinced that Kathy's failure to have the café's dodgy electrics fixed was a sign of negligence.

Eventually, Rocky gave a statement, lying that he had attempted to fix the electrics and unwittingly caused the fire, which allowed Kathy to be released at last. Kathy was grateful but felt terrible that her husband had fibbed to the police, little knowing that he was telling even bigger porkie pies!

As Kathy went home alone, Harvey was still angry that his former friend was continuing to lie, but Rocky was far too fixated on the fact that he'd lost the insurance claim. Then Nish approached Rocky as they drank in The Vic, revealing he had seen his tense exchange with Harvey.

Nish told Rocky that, given the family's distressing circumstances, he was willing to wipe his debts; and Rocky was relieved. But when Nish hinted that he wanted something in return, Rocky was horrified when Nish said he wanted to buy the café.

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Rocky replied that the place wasn't for sale, but Nish added that he knew Rocky had started that fire, and he would expose him unless Rocky convinced Kathy to sell the café.

With Kathy having already stated that she would never give up on her long-held business, how will Rocky get out of this mess?

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