That's a wrap on Strictly Come Dancing's second show, with all our celebrities taking to the ballroom floor for dance number two.

Unsurprisingly, the scoreboard is looking completely different from week one, with the likes of Molly Rainford and Richie Anderson right at the top after wowing the judges with their high-energy routines.

Meanwhile, at the bottom are Matt Goss and Tony Adams – but will they survive the first public vote of the series?

With the Strictly Come Dancing 2022 line-up set to lose its first contestants in tomorrow night's results show, the pressure is on – especially since the scores from Week 1 and Week 2 will be added together on the Strictly Come Dancing 2022 leaderboard.

The two contestants with the fewest votes will perform again during Sunday night's results show, after which the judges will decide who they want to save and who they want to keep in the competition.

After the Strictly Come Dancing 2022 songs and dances were revealed for Week 2 earlier this week, fans of the BBC One show have been looking forward to seeing the 2022 contestants take on brand new routines and for some, a gear change has really paid off.

Tyler West impressed the judges with the kicks and flicks in his Jive, while Ellie Simmonds showed that she could bring just as much power to the Waltz as she did the Cha Cha Cha last week.

Read on for everything you need to know about tonight's show.

  • That's all folks!

    And just like that, the second episode of Strictly 2022 is over.

    That's not all for this weekend however, with the first results show of the year airing tomorrow at 7:15pm – but who will be celebrity to go?

    Tune in to find out, and in the meantime, check out all of's Strictly Come Dancing coverage (including a breakdown of tonight's leaderboard). Keep dancing!

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  • It's two nines for Molly!

    It's top of the leaderboard for Molly Rainford, with the presenter getting a whopping 34 (eight, nine, nine and eight)!

  • Mollie isn't afraid to Beyon-slay with her Quickstep

    Molly Rainford and Carlos Gu ended the night with a stunning routine, taking to the Strictly stage in matching suits for their Quickstep to Love on Top by Beyoncé.

    Receiving overwhelmingly positive comments from the judges, it seems as though love won't be the only thing on top of the leaderboard tonight.

    Molly Rainford
  • Rumour Has It, this isn't Jayde Adam's first brush with Adele

    Ahead of Jayde Adams's Tango to Adele's Rumour Has It, the comedian revealed that she originally started out her career as an Adele drag act.

    Hopefully the judges will go Easy On (Her).

    Jayde Adams
  • Tyler West is "the real deal"

    The Kiss FM presenter was showered with compliments by the judges as Shirley revealed that he brings something "you can't teach" and that she "flipping loved" the routine.

    Meanwhile, Motsi Mabuse said that he was the "most improved" from last week.

    Receiving a score of 31 (seven, eight, eight and eight), Tyler has jumped up the leaderboard with that jumping Jive!

    Tyler West

    Tyler West

  • Craig was "slightly distracted" by Matt's "tight white trousers"

    Matt Goss faced the judges after shaking his stuff in the Samba, with Craig Revel Horwood revealing he was "slightly distracted by those very tight white trousers”.

    Receiving a score of 22, Matt lands himself at the bottom of the scoreboard alongside the Adams family (Tony Adams and Kaye Adams) but will he avoid the bottom two?

  • Matt Goss has Saturday Night Fever in his Samba

    Matt Goss gives John Travolta a run for his money in his Samba to Night Fever by The Bee Gees – thrusting the night away.

    Matt Goss

    Matt Goss

  • Kym Marsh's feet Runaway with her in her Viennese Waltz

    The former Coronation Street star took to the stage to perform her Viennese Waltz to Runaway by The Corrs, receiving a score of 27 (six, seven, seven and seven).

    Kym also revealed that she's filming Waterloo Road at the same time as filming – bring on the reboot!

  • Claudia is a lucky lady

    New Strictly couple just dropped – I'm now officially a #Clave stan (Claudia Winkleman and Dave Arch of The Dave Arch Band).

  • Hamza Yassin channels Tron for his Weeknd Jive

    The Countryfile cameraman kept up with Jowita's constant kicks in this Jive to Blinding Lights by The Weeknd.

    The pair even donned matching outfits, from the glow-in-the-dark neon suits to the hair braids. It's giving Tron!

    Screenshot 2022-10-01 at 19.58.55
  • Kaye Adams is a Loose Woman in her cheeky Charleston

    Kaye Adams gave us an energetic Charleston to Music! Music! Music! by Dorothy Provine, full of flips, kicks and tricks which earned her 22 points from the judges.

    She was even paid a visit by her Loose Women co-star Nadia Sawalha, who was banned from bringing a banner.

    Nadia Sawalha

    Nadia Sawalha

  • Fleur takes a tearful turn after her Week 2 performance

    The emotional Viennese Waltz got to Fleur, with the Sax singer shedding a tear after giving her all.

    While she received mixed critiques from the judges, with Shirley taking issue with her footwork, Fleur was given a solid score of 28 (seven, eight, six and seven).

  • It's a Vienn-East Waltz

    Twirling to the TikTok sensation that is Glimpse of Us by Joji, Fleur East will need to harness all that energy she gave us last week into an elegant Viennese Waltz.

    So far so good – but what will the judges say?

    Fleur East
  • Richie is certainly no Dancin' Fool

    Richie Anderson gave his Quickstep some welly this week, with the Strictly superfan wowing the audience and the judges with his impressive performance to Dancin' Fool by Barry Manilow.

    Shirley Ballas came through with the praise, saying that it's been quite a "transformation". While the BBC Radio 2 DJ said that he started off with the posture of "Mr. Bean", all the hard work in training certainly paid off.

    Receiving an eight from Craig, Richie received a whopping score of 32 – the highest score from the night!

    Richie Anderson

    Richie Anderson

  • It's a Ted Paso (Doble)

    Ellie Taylor took on the Paso this week but faced harsh critiques from the judges, with Shirley telling her that her routine "lacked the essence of Paso Doble".

    Meanwhile, Craig's claws were out tonight with the judge telling Ellie that he felt like she was just "walking around and posing" and that "the best part was the end". Meow!

    Ellie received a score of 23 (four, seven, five, seven) – but will this save her from the bottom two?

    Ellie Taylor
  • "I’ve not been so happy since I chucked Ann Widdecombe across the floor”

    While he landed at the bottom of the leaderboard this week, Tony has been promoted within the Strictly league with the judges giving him a score of 22 (four, six, six and six).

    Anton even revealed that he hasn't been this happy since he "chucked Ann Widdecombe across the floor" during his professional dancer days – and that's really saying something.

    WARNING: Embargoed for publication until 00:00:01 on 11/12/2018 - Programme Name: Strictly Come Dancing - TX: n/a - Episode: n/a (No. n/a) - Picture Shows: Anne Widdecomb, Anton Du Beke - (C) BBC - Photographer: Guy Levy
  • Cor blimey Tony!

    After suffering from a mind-blank during his Tango last week, Tony Adams was a bundle of energy on the dance floor tonight, throwing Katya about to My Old Man's A Dustman.

    But can his scores from the judges top Arsenal's win earlier today?

    Tony Adams
  • It's a 27 for Helen!

    After channeling the spirit of Lady Gaga, Helen Skelton received a score of 27 from the judges – improving by one mark from last week!

    While Craig savagely remarked that the routine was "technically very poor", the rest of the judges were on the whole positive.

  • Let's hope the judges don't Rain On Helen Skelton's Cha Cha Cha

    The former Blue Peter presenter is taking on the notoriously difficult Cha Cha to Rain on Me – with Helen Skelton even donning Ariana Grande's signature ponytail.

    Helen Skelton
  • It's a standing ovation for Ellie!

    Motsi and Shirley are on their feet for Ellie and Nikita's Waltz before the judges showered them with encouraging critiques.

    Even Craig came out with something positive to say (for once), telling the Paralympian: "It was good, Ellie, it really, really was."

    Receiving a score of 30 from the judges (seven, seven, eight and eight), the couple are currently at the top of the scores for this week.

    Ellie Simmonds

    Ellie Simmonds

  • "We're figuring it out together"

    Ellie Simmonds and Nikita Kuzmin are taking to the stage for a Waltz to Elvis Presley's Can't Help Falling in Love, however the swimming superstar has revealed that it's been a tough week in rehearsals.

    Ellie Simmonds

    Ellie Simmonds

  • It's mixed results for Martin Fowler

    The judges' delivered mixed critiques after James's Tango, with Craig giving him a five and Motsi Mabuse saying that she wanted "a little more power in the legs".

    However, Shirley said that she was "pleasantly surprised" by James's performance and predicts that he'll go from "strength to strength" in the competition.

    With a score of 24 – a breakdown of five, six, six and seven – will that stop us from saying Bye to James?

  • James Bye says hello to the Tango

    The soap star has stocked up on eyeliner for his Ed Sheeran tango this week – but will James Bye make a Bad Habit of getting stuck towards the bottom of the leaderboard? We'll have to wait for the judges' critiques to find out.

    James Bye

    James Bye

  • Three pints of lager and a couple of 6s

    We have our first scores of the night, with Will and Nancy landing a 26 – a significantly lower number than their total last week.

    With a combined score of 60, will the couple's latest score drop them lower down the leaderboard and could another contestant take over that top spot?

  • Will Mellor is "very easy on the eye"

    Shirley Ballas opens the show with a bit of a flirt before diving deeper into her critiques, telling him that he needs to work a bit harder.

    To be fair, it's hard to look away when there's a blur of neon twirling across the stage.

    Will Mellor

    Will Mellor

  • Will and Nancy are up first!

    The couple topped the leaderboard last week with their explosive Jive, but can Will Mellor deliver a sizzling Salsa?

    Will Mellor and Nancy Xu on Strictly Come Dancing.

    Will Mellor and Nancy Xu on Strictly Come Dancing.

  • Predict-ly Come Dancing

    If you've got strong opinions on what Week 2 might have in store, then make sure to check out's brand new companion series Strictly Between Us.

    This week, I was joined by Huw Fullerton (Radio Times magazine's Comedy and Entertainment Commissioning Editor) to break down the dances to come, which celebs could be the first to leave the competition and who might top the score table after tonight.

    Check out episode one here – and make sure to tune in each week for takes that are hotter than an Argentine Tango.

  • Making a song and dance of it

    While there's just over 30 minutes to go until Strictly begins, we already know which songs and dances our toe-tapping celebs will be performing this week.

    After wowing the judges (and the nation) with his routine to Livin' La Vida Loca last week, Will Mellor is taking on the Salsa to Luther Vandross's Never Too Much, while both Kaye Adams and Tony Adams are tackling the Charleston. Hopefully Craig Revel Horwood doesn't judge too harshly this week!

    You can check out the full list of Week 2 songs and dances to come here.