Steven Moffat on Setlock: “We’re all genuinely very appreciative that people love our show so much”

The Sherlock co-creator said he and everyone involved in the show were thrilled by the response of the audience, and that those who visited the set were “fantastic keepers of secrets, incredibly well behaved, polite, sweet and nice”

Sherlock co-creator Steven Moffat says he believes the recent ‘Setlock’ debate as to whether fans should watch Sherlock being filmed in public places had been fueled by one innocuous remark being spun out of control and that the cast and crew were genuinely appreciative that fans love the show so much.


The debate between Sherlockians began after Martin Freeman was quoted as saying he “didn’t love” the phenomenon.  A recent poll showed 75% of fans disagreed with the idea of ‘Setlock’ if it disrupted the show.

“Martin just made a very innocuous remark. He literally said ‘I don’t love it’. He doesn’t mind,” Steven Moffat exclusively told at the Radio Times Covers’ Party. “We’re all genuinely –including Martin, including grumpy old me– very appreciative that people love our show so much, we’re thrilled by it in fact.”

He also rejected the idea that the fans were somehow trespassing. “We film in public places. People are entitled to do what they like, frankly.”

In fact, Mr Moffat had nothing but nice things to say about ‘Setlock’, who he called “fantastic keepers of secrets, and incredibly well behaved and polite and sweet and nice.” 


The writer and showrunner was at pains to make sure fans didn’t feel spurned. “Please don’t allow the fact that that one line of Martin’s has been spun out of control to suggest in any way that we are any other than thrilled by the response of the audience. That’s not spin, that’s the truth.”