Anne really isn't having a great time of it in Beyond Paradise recently, is she?


After navigating the world of modern dating and hitting things off with Richard (Peter Davison), last week's episode delivered quite the twist when it was revealed that Richard is far from who he said he was.

Not only was he using a fake name, but he was actually married! The shock news understandably saw Anne drive away from her former lover tearfully, and this week's episode is set to see the fallout from her heartbreak.

She's coping in a way befitting of any archetypal mother, it seems – and that involves lots of planning.

Well, has an exclusive first look at tomorrow night's episode, and rather than wanting to waste any time chatting about Richard any longer, Anne wants to busy herself with wedding prep.

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Although the prospect of organising an entire wedding couldn't be more stressful for one woman, Anne seems determined to do it.

In the clip, Martha and Humphrey are discussing the "humiliating" state of affairs, and Martha admits that she "could murder" Richard.

But when Anne walks into the kitchen, both are surprised that she's up and ready. Martha tells her mother that she was just about to bring her breakfast, but Anne quashes that offer, asking why.

"There's no time for breakfast. Got a wedding to plan, remember?" she says.

Anne and Richard talking to a woman at a party
Barbara Flynn as Anne Lloyd and Peter Davison as Richard Baxter in Beyond Paradise. Red Planet Pictures/Ed Miller

Humphrey and Martha say they've not really realised the big day is only in a week, what with their fostering application, and they admit they don't want anything too grand.

But that's no match for Martha. "You won't have anything at all if I don't make a start," she says, and grabs a mug of tea from Humphrey's hand, walks into the living room and sits down with her various notebooks.

Will the soon-to-be wedded couple let Martha take over? Or will Martha have to have an honest conversation with her mother about the feelings she's clearly trying to ignore?

It is quite the betrayal to wrap her head around, so here's hoping Anne gives herself the time to process what Richard's done.

But not only was Anne set up to be disappointed, viewers were undoubtedly left surprised by the news, especially as it signalled a new dawn for Anne.

Speaking to and other press about the reveal, Peter Davison said: "It is rather baffling because he does seem very nice, doesn't seem like a conman, but that was obviously the whole idea, of writing it in that way.

"It's important that the audience are disappointed because that's the idea, isn't it? That they seem like a great couple, and then it all goes horribly wrong."

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There's plenty else going on in Shipton Abott this week also, with the synopsis for tomorrow's episode reading: "On the open ground of Abbott Moor, an early-morning walker stumbles across a chilling sight: a woman, face down on the ground, with an arrow straight through her shoulder.

"The victim, Niamh Kirby, didn’t see her attacker, and there’s no trace of their presence or weapon at the scene.

"As the team dig deeper, they uncover a family feud between Niamh and her brother-in-law. She accused her brother-in-law of murdering her husband, who vanished from Shipton Abbott overnight a decade before, and the bad blood between them has never settled.

"With answers lying in the past, they find themselves with more than one crime to solve.

"Meanwhile, other plans are afoot. With the wedding fast approaching, Anne dives headlong into the planning, but Humphrey and Martha worry that she might be a little too invested in their fairy tale ceremony after her recent romantic entanglements.

"Esther wrestles with unexpected consequences when a white lie she told Zoe about her dead father comes back to haunt her."

Beyond Paradise season 2 continues on BBC One and iPlayer on Fridays.


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