Things appear to be getting serious between Peter Davison's Beyond Paradise character Richard Baxter and Martha's mum Anne (Barbara Flynn), but whether he'll stick around remains to be seen.


The Doctor Who star has certainly made an impression on the Beyond Paradise cast, but how has his character been received at home?

Well, he doesn't actually know.

When asked at a rountable whether his daughter Georgia Tennant watches any of his work, he revealed that, even if she did, neither she nor her husband – fellow Doctor Who star David Tennant – would tell him about it.

David Tennant and Georgia Tennant standing together smiling into camera
David Tennant and Georgia Tennant. Getty

"I very much doubt [she's watching]," he said, before going on to explain, "She’s been in California for the past two weeks, over the Easter holidays, so she won't be catching up there.

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"Whether she'll get around to sitting down and watching it when she gets back, I sincerely doubt, because it's quite a busy life. She’s got kids and all these things happen around bedtime, and then I think they just collapse."

He added: "We tend not to watch each other's stuff, actually."

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However, he did mention that he had seen and enjoyed their work in pandemic comedy Staged, which saw both Georgia and David Tennant star alongside Michael Sheen.

"Weirdly, I did watch Staged, I thought it was very funny," Davison said. "But we tend not to watch, and at least if we do, we don't comment on it.

"So when I watch stuff David’s in, I've never gone to David, 'Ah, you were brilliant in that series the other day,' even though he is, and they certainly don't ring me up and go, 'I saw you in Beyond Paradise.' It’s a thing you just don’t do."

Beyond Paradise season 2 continues on BBC One and iPlayer on Fridays.


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