Mr Selfridge series three: what have we learned from the new trailer?

ITV's period drama throws its doors open once again this January – but Harry Selfridge is in a bad way following his wife Rose's death...

Mr Selfridge is reopening its doors this January for an action-packed third series, but – following the death of Harry’s beloved wife Rose – all is not well behind the counters. 


As a brand new trailer shows, Jeremy Piven’s department store boss finds himself in a tailspin following his spouse’s funeral which sadly marks the departure of the excellent Frances O’Connor, seen recently opposite James Nesbitt in BBC1’s The Missing.

So, with Katherine Kelly’s Lady Mae also absent from this third series, it’s high time some new ladies were introduced into the ITV shopping drama which follows the fortunes of the Oxford Street emporium in its early years. 

Sisters Kara and Hannah Tointon will share the screen as Harry’s daughters, Rosalie and Violette. The new series marks Rosalie’s wedding to Serge (Leon Ockenden), son of Russian Princess Marie de Bolotoff played by none other than Zoe Wanamaker. ( were guests at their wedding and, trust us, it was lavish.)

But what else have we learned from this first footage? 

Well, despite appearing thoroughly morose during this entire trailer, ideas man Harry looks set to branch out into aviation… 

… but a vengeful Lord Loxley (Aidan McArdle) has other plans, telling the recipient of Harry’s investment, “If Selfridge isn’t interested in you and your ideas, I am.”

“He took what was mine,” Loxley is later seen muttering – seemingly in reference to Harry’s support of Loxley’s ex-wife Mae at the end of series two.

And, with Selfridge’s mind elsewhere, his family and employees are getting increasingly impatient. His son Gordon (Greg Austin) privately remonstrates with his father, before prickly head of fashion, Mr Thackeray (Cal MacAninch) rebukes him in front of his staff: “You’re not here when we need you.”

In addition to Roselie’s society wedding, there’s plenty of romance in the air, with now-married Frank (Samuel West) and Kitty (Amy Beth Hayes) merrily snogging.

But their happiness appears short-lived as a group of thugs are seen closing in on Kitty in the street in an attack which leaves her bruised and shaken:

Romance is also blossoming between a reunited Agnes (Aisling Loftus) and Henri (Gregory Fitoussi) who are spotted smooching after his return from fighting in the First World War.

But, again, all is not well between the lovebirds, with Henri clearly suffering from the trauma he’s experienced, kicking off with Agnes whilst constructing a Selfridges display – all in front of some nosy window shoppers on the street outside. 

And Henri isn’t the only one struggling with his return from the battlefield. Agnes’ former fiancé Victor (Trystan Gravelle) is also pictured with plenty on his mind.

Meanwhile, while Harry’s board are up in arms – “It’s my job to protect the company, even if that means from you,” Mr Crabb tells him – the Selfridges’ owner is busy distracting himself in the arms of a woman (no surprises there).

And he’s not the only one dealing with the fallout of Rose’s death – it looks like his daughter Violette is up to no good either… 


It’s certainly going to be a turbulent time when Mr Selfridge returns to ITV in January