Allen Leech: Branson’s place is at Downton Abbey

It looks as though Tom Branson won't be leaving the Abbey after all...

He spent a fair amount of time talking about how he might leave for pastures new last series, but it seems Tom Branson is finally going to settle down at Downton Abbey.


From the sounds of it, the former chauffeur, who married into the upper class Crawley family back in series two, isn’t set to depart Downton anytime soon. 

Asked how Branson would find a happy ending, star Allen Leech said: “I believe it should be at Downton. I believe he needs to find love and he needs to find acceptance from the family for that person who he loves.”

“I think Tom’s place now is at the Abbey,” he continued to The Telegraph. “I think it’s his home and I think he’d even admit that now.” 

Since Lady Sybil’s shock death back in series three, Branson has struggled to find his place in the world – and has even discussed leaving the Abbey for good. So fans of the show will be glad to hear that he’s one familiar face we won’t be bidding farewell to this season… 


Downton Abbey returns to ITV later this year