The UK launch time for Marvel's Spider-Man 2 has arrived, as the game's release date is upon us!


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The most notable new addition is, of course, Venom, who will serve as the main antagonist of the sequel. How Venom will factor into the story is very much shrouded in secrecy, yet one thing we do know is that Peter will be infected by the symbiote at one point.

We will also be seeing Kraven the Hunter arriving in New York for the first time, looking to take down the two Spideys.

So it's fair to say there's a lot going on – oh, and of course, they have to make sure to save Mary Jane!

With that in mind, here's everything we know so far about Marvel's Spider-Man 2, including its release date, what we know about the story and all the latest trailers.

When is the Spider-Man 2 PS5 game release date?

venom in the spider-man 2 game smiling into camera
Venom in Spider-Man 2.

The Spider-Man 2 release date is Friday 20th October 2023, which has been confirmed by the development team.

Given we had a vague autumn 2023 release window before, it's safe to say that Insomniac and Sony haven't broken that promise. Fingers crossed the game isn't delayed and does actually make that release date.

Now we know when the game is set to come out, our pre-order sense is tingling.

Spider-Man 2 UK launch time

The game is out now! Spider-Man 2 was a midnight launch, with the game unlocking as the clock ticked over to Friday 20th October in each region, including the UK.

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Where to buy the Spider-Man 2 PS5 game

An official promo image for Spider-Man 2 PS5 game showing the Iron Spider suit in action
An official promo image for Spider-Man 2 PS5 game. Marvel/Insomniac

Spider-Man 2 is available to buy now from retailers including Amazon!

Sony has confirmed that all pre-order copies of the game will come with the Arachknight Suit for Peter Parker (with three colour variants), an early unlock of the Shadow Spider Suit for Miles Morales (with three colour variants), an early unlock of the Web Grabber gadget and three skill points.

You were able to pre-order the Standard Edition of the game (£69.99) and the Digital Deluxe Edition (£79.99), which contains all pre-order bonuses above, ten new suits (five for both playable characters), bonus Photo-Mode frames and stickers and two skill points.

A physical Collector's Edition will also be available to pre-order (£219.99). This includes a digital copy of the Deluxe version of the game (no, we don't know why it's not a physical copy, either), a steelbook case and a 19-inch statue of Peter and Miles fighting Venom.

What consoles will Spider-Man 2 release on?

The Spider-Man 2 game from Insomniac is due to launch exclusively on PS5 - there is no PS4 release for this one, which may come as something of a surprise after the Miles Morales game spanned both generations.

If that situation changes at all, we'll be sure to update this page and let you know.

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Spider-Man 2 PS5 console and controller revealed

The special Spider-Man 2 PS5 controller and console.
The special Spider-Man 2 PS5 controller and console. Sony

Speaking of consoles, you may have seen already that Sony and Marvel have teamed up to produce a limited edition Spider-Man 2 version of the PS5 console and its DualSense controller (pictured above).

Insomniac's Jacinda Chew said: "The design was inspired by the in-game symbiote that’s taking over the console and controller, but you can still see some of the underlying red under the tendrils. This represents the various ways players will experience the symbiote takeover in Marvel’s Spider-Man 2.

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"It’s a constant push and pull for dominance, whether it’s internal or external, and the outcome is not certain."

Pre-orders of the Spider-Man 2 controller and console are available now over on PlayStation Direct and GAME. You can pick up the special edition controller separately at GAME, too.

It is definitely a big decision to make, however, as Sony just unveiled the new PS5 Slim - which is smaller, slimmer and more customisable.

Spider-Man 2 PS5 game plot

Marvel's Spider-Man 2 Norman with his hand on Harry Osborn's face
Marvel's Spider-Man 2. Insomniac Games

Peter Parker and Miles Morales will be working together to keep New York safe from Venom and other dangers. There may be cause for conflict between the pair, with Peter’s symbiote suit causing him to be more aggressive and impulsive. Whether a wedge will be driven between the two remains to be seen.

Kraven the Hunter and Venom will take the role of significant antagonists. Kraven is a big game hunter from Russia who, in the comics, often preys on Spidey - in Spider-Man 2, he has come to New York with his cabal of hunters searching for an equal, and clearly doesn’t mind tearing up half of the city doing so.

Venom? Well, you know who and what Venom is. It's not Eddie Brock, though, so get that thought out of your head. Tying in with the end of the last game, it looks like Harry Osborn could come into contact with the symbiote instead.

Also returning is Miles's best friend, Ganke Lee, who will continue to provide technical support and assistance during missions, though he may be a little starstruck by Peter Parker - as shown in the new gameplay reveal.

What is the Spider-Man 2 PS5 gameplay like?

Marvel's Spider-Man 2 showing Spider-Man flying through The air next to a motorbike
Marvel's Spider-Man 2. Insomniac Games

We’re getting to play as both Peter and Miles, seamlessly transitioning between the two even when they are miles apart. This is all thanks to the high-speed drives of the PS5 keeping the action smooth.

Peter’s new symbiote-enabled Black Suit abilities makes him far more brutal in his combat, and he is certainly not pulling any punches, in a similar way to Batman in the Arkham series. The symbiote tendrils make short work of foes, throwing and body-slamming them as if they were mere toys.

When we catch up with Miles, he is beginning to make his way to Harlem to catch up with Lizard before Kraven and his goons do. There's an increase in speed when traversing the world compared to the original games - with a new fast-travel system too. The whole game appears to be faster and more fluid, and it’s clear the whole power of the PS5 is being harnessed.

Peter makes it to Harlem, and in an incredible chase sequence, we’ve been shown how when both Spideys are working together, we’ll be quickly swapping between the two for when the action calls for their specific abilities.

There will be 65 suits to unlock across both characters and brand-new Suit Styles, which lets you pick from alternate colours in a number of suits to make for over 200 ways to outfit Peter or Miles.

It’s certainly shaping up to be a game that is going to get the blood pumping with its breakneck speed and adrenaline-fuelled missions.

Will the Spider-Man 2 PS5 game have co-op?

Marvel Spider-Man 2's Miles Morales and Spider-Man staring past camera
Spider-Man 2. Insomniac Games

Spider-Man 2 will not include co-op gameplay. Sony's official PlayStation Blog states that this new game will "continue the journey of both Peter Parker and Miles Morales in their most epic single-player adventure yet".

The use of the term 'single-player' there seems to rule out any chance of you playing as Pete while a multiplayer mate controls Miles. Both previous games in this franchise were solo affairs, though, so this isn't a massive surprise.

Spider-Man 2 PS5 game trailer

Just ahead of release, a new launch trailer was uploaded by Sony. Warning! It does have some light spoilers in the video, so best to avoid if you want to go in blind. Anyway, check it out below:

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