After innumerable rumours, the PS5 Slim finally broke cover, proving many of the leaks to be true - so all that's left is to look at the PS5 Slim release date (which has now been confirmed!), price and revealed features.


Pre-orders for the PS5 Slim are open right now, too! You can order one direct from PlayStation.

Somehow, it's already been three years since the launch of the PlayStation 5, so it's no surprise that we're in the midst of a mid-gen refresh.

A slimline PlayStation is expected someway after a Sony home console launch, so it's nice to see the PS5 joining its older brothers.

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Though it doesn't trim down quite as much as the slim models of the PS2, PS3 or PS4, it's definitely smaller - 30 per cent smaller - and any size reduction from the behemoth that is the PS5 is most welcome.

With the arrival of a refreshed machine, there will hopefully be loads of deals on older models for the discerning buyers among us to swoop in and buy.

Read on to find out what the PS5 Slim release date is, where to pre-order and to see what is different about it compared to the standard PS5.

When is PS5 Slim release date?

The PS5 release date is Wednesday 29th November 2023 in the UK, Sony has confirmed!

You can now pre-order a PS5 Slim direct from PlayStation, or Currys, too. Get that sorted if you're after the new smaller and lighter PS5.

Beginning in early 2024, different colours of side plates will also become available, meaning you should be able to get your new PS5 Slim looking just how you want it.

How much does the PS5 Slim cost?

The PS5 Slim Digital Edition price will cost you the same £389.99 as the original version, while the slimmer Blu-ray model will set you back £479.99.

You can also buy a separate Blu-ray side plate on its own for £99.99, which is great for customers who maybe can't quite afford the full package right now.

Mercifully, the disc drive cover isn't fused to the drive itself, meaning you won't have to shell out another £99.99 just to get a different colour.

There's also a new vertical stand that works with all prior PS5 models that will set you back £24.99.

What's different about the PS5 Slim?

An exploded view of the Sony PS5 Slim detachable disc drive
Sony PS5 Slim's detachable disc drive. Sony

The new PS5 Slim has different side plates - four instead of two - one of which can contain a detachable Blu-ray disc drive, allowing for easier repairs or the ability to upgrade your Digital Edition.

This detachable drive does require you to be connected to the internet to register it before it can function.

The PS5 Slim is also slightly shorter, slimmer and considerably lighter than its predecessor, owing to the smaller cooling system inside. It's not a huge difference, but a difference nonetheless. Here's the detailed specs:

PS5 Slim Disc Edition

  • Weight - 3.2kg (1kg reduction)
  • Dimensions (vertical) - 358mm (height) × 96mm (width) × 216mm (depth) - ~30% reduction in volume

PS5 Slim Digital Edition

  • Weight - 2.6kg ( 1.3kg reduction)
  • Dimensions (vertical) - 358mm (height) × 80mm (width) × 216mm (depth) - ~30% reduction in volume

There are also new small plastic pegs that come included, allowing the PS5 Slim to sit horizontally, making it easier to tuck away your PS5 Slim in a television cabinet.

A die-shrink was performed for the last PS5 revision, but there hasn't been a further reduction for the Slim.

Gene Park of the Washington Post got their hands on one and shared a side-by-side view of it on X (formerly Twitter)

Linus Tech Tips also did a teardown of the new PS5 Slim that shows in great detail exactly what's changed.

A lot of small changes that add up to something bigger (well, smaller) - and with it taking a little less power from the plug, it should be easier on the bank account over the years.

PS5 Slim rumours explained - is it officially confirmed?

Yes, Sony has officially confirmed the PS5 Slim.

There's even an official reveal on YouTube that we've included below for your viewing pleasure.

Various rumours and leaks had suggested that the PS5 Slim could, in fact, come with a detachable disc drive - which has turned out to be spot on.

Insider Gaming detailed how the upcoming mid-gen refresh of the PS5 could actually be very similar in size and design to the standard PlayStation 5, but with a detachable disc drive.

The end product is slightly smaller, for sure, and is lighter to boot.

Pre-order the PS5 Slim at Currys

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