PS4 and Xbox One users have a lot to look forward to in Hogwarts Legacy on 5th May. Epic story, awesome characters, stunning visuals, and, of course, the addictive gameplay.


There is a lot to do in the school and surrounding area, from the side quests to the vast array of collectables.

Hogwarts Legacy is jam packed full of collectables, like the ubiquitous Field Guide Pages and the sparser (but vital) moon cradling Demiguise Statues. There are also treasure chests with eyes, which get less creepy the more you play - trust us.

And let's not forget the butterfly chests. To find them, you follow a trail of butterflies to their location... if you're a fan of the films, you'll know this reference. However, they'll only open for you once you've completed the ‘Follow the Butterflies’ side quest.

To start this side quest, talk to Clementine Willardsey. She's inside the Three Broomsticks in Hogsmeade, but you'll need to have finished the Jackdaw’s Rest main quest first.

Ready to go butterfly hunting? Cool, we're here to help. There are 15 butterfly chests to find across the world map, so you're in for quite a journey. We'll share all the Hogwarts Legacy butterfly locations below.

How to find butterflies in Hogwarts Legacy

Butterfly chests can be found all across the open world of Hogwarts Legacy, but you won't see them on the in-game map to start with.

You'll need to head to the general region where butterflies have been spotted by other players, and look around with as much patience as you can muster. Sometimes the butterflies take a while to spot, and we will say that they're easier to see in the daytime.

When you get near a kaleidoscope of butterflies, an icon of the fluttery insect will appear on your mini-map — sometimes it feels like your character has spotted them from a mile off. We recommend you head toward that icon as soon as you see it. Following each set of butterflies shouldn’t take long once you've spotted them, and they will literally lead you to your reward.

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Full list of Hogwarts Legacy butterfly chest locations

If you’d rather locate the butterflies and their treasure chests via video, we’ve got you covered. Check out the YouTube video from 100% Guides below to see every location in action so you know precisely where to go. If you'd rather see it as a written list, keep on scrolling down the page!

If you want to spruce up your Room of Requirement with lots of different items, it’s worth knowing where to find the butterflies and where to find the butterfly chests in Hogwarts Legacy.

Note that each chest cannot be found unless you follow the butterflies to it. You can't skip the butterfly step and rush straight to the chest location.

Here is the complete list of Hogwarts Legacy butterfly locations which will lead you to the chests:

  • Find the first set of butterflies and their treasure chest in the ‘Follow the Butterflies’ side quest by talking to Clementine Willardsey in the Three Broomsticks in Hogsmeade (you can complete this quest after finishing main story mission ‘Jackdaw’s Rest’)
  • Clagmar Coast | Head to the northern tip of the region, and the butterflies should be briefly to the south west of the Field Guide map icon and the bandit camp - The butterfly chest is down the path around the corner
  • Feldcroft | You should find the butterflies on the top of a cliff in between a treasure vault in large ruins to its north west and enemy lair to its south east - The butterfly chest should be down the cliffs and underneath a tree
  • Feldcroft | Head south east from the Feldcroft Catacomb floo flames where the butterflies should be briefly to the west of a cluster of bandit camps and a Field Guide icon (by a cliffside) - The butterfly chest is at the top of that cliff
  • Forbidden Forest | Butterflies will be found in the south of the region. Acting as a sort of point between two bandit camps and a lair in a kind of triangle-esque line - The butterfly chest is located outside the dilapidated house over a small wooden bridge
  • Hogsmeade Valley | Head south from the East Hogsmeade Valley floo flames until you reach the edge of the area. The butterflies should be on a grassy hill - The butterfly chest is located up that hill near the Merlin Trial
  • Hogwarts Valley | Head east from the Central Hogwarts Valley floo flames and the butterflies should be underneath or near the bridge archways - The butterfly chest is briefly up that hill
  • Hogwarts Valley | Head west from Keenbridge and just beyond the ruins to find the butterflies - The butterfly chest will be up the hill into the woods
  • Hogwarts Valley | The butterflies should be right next to the bandit castle in the south east of the region - The butterfly chest is down by the river nearby
  • North Ford Bog | Head briefly east from the Pitt-Upon-Ford floo flames onto the covered bridge to find the butterflies - The butterfly chest is located by the lake with a waterfall
  • North Hogwarts Region | Head to the north of the region on a dirt track beside the river/stream to find the butterflies (there should be a treasure vault just below it on the map) - The butterfly chest location is down the path then up the hill into a patch of wildflowers by the mountains
  • Poidsear Coast | Head to the north west of the region (east of the Tomb of Treachery floo flames) and the butterflies should be near a lamppost briefly to the west of the Merlin Trial - The butterfly chest will be by a cliffside opposite the large ruins
  • Poidsear Coast | The butterflies should be right next to the South Poidsear Coast floo flames, on or around the arch of the wooden bridge - The butterfly chest is over that bridge and next to the building
  • South Hogwarts Region | Head briefly west from the bottom-left corner of the Quidditch stadium and the butterflies should be in the cliffs nearby (just south of the Merlin Trial) - The butterfly chest will be in the patch of wildflowers just down the path
  • South Hogwarts Region | Head south from Aranshire, just beyond the Merlin Trial, to find the butterflies - The butterfly chest is just to the west of that Merlin Trial

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