If you've already started playing High on Life, and you've got through the basic tutorial stuff, you'll know that your main missions in the game are known as bounties. You are, after all, something of a bounty-hunter in the game.


Once you've reached this point, it's only natural to wonder how many there are of these bounties (which could also be termed missions, chapters, quests or levels). It's always good to know roughly how far you are through a game, after all. Or at least, that's what some players think.

And so, if you'd like to take a zoomed-out view at the overarching narrative structure of High on Life, read on and we'll tell you what to expect, as well as sharing the full list of bounties in the game.

How many bounties are there in High on Life?

There are seven main bounties in High on Life, and these are the core story missions that will lead you through to the narrative's conclusion.

You may have already guessed this because there are seven spaces on the bounty-hunting machine that ends up in your living room. There is an eighth spot on the screen, but it seems to be greyed out, so don't go expecting an eighth bounty.

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In some ways, these bounties are fairly linear levels, with a clear goal/target in each one. But on top of that, while you're going around and working on bounties, you may well notice areas that you can't access just yet — this gives you a reason to pop back to these planets later, once you've got more guns/gadgets at your disposal, to explore and find more collectables.

Full list of bounties in High on Life

If you want to focus on the main story and bring down the G3 cartel as soon as possible, the full list of bounties in High on Life looks like this:

  • 9-Torg
  • Krubis
  • Douglas
  • Skrendel Brothers
  • Dr Giblets
  • Nipulon
  • Garmantuous

As you progress through the game, you'll gradually unlock all of these bounties. Each completed bounty comes with rewards, as well, and it's often on these missions that you'll recruit new talking guns for your quest against the G3 cartel.

It's also worth noting that there are things to do between the bounties, and sometimes you'll need to complete a non-bounty objective before you can move on to the next bounty. These are always made pretty clear, though. (Press up on the D-pad if you're ever unsure where to go.)

There's plenty of other stuff to do, as well, besides bounty-hunting. We'd particularly recommend chatting to the food vendor, Blorto, who you'll find in Blim City. He'll take your Warp Crystals off your hands in return for some fun Warp Drives, which you can use on any planet to summon random landmarks from other places.

One of these is a miniature city, another is a cinema (aka movie theatre), and we'll let you discover the others for yourself. You'll find that there's more to this game than just its bounties, even if they are the main attraction!

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