When RadioTimes.com spoke to High on Life art director Mikey Spano at the Gamescom 2022 conference, one of things we asked him about was the game's much-hyped talking guns. Just how many of them are there?


Spano explained: "So there's five talking guns. And then you have Knifey, so you have one talking melee. But there's different things you can do. Each one has three different fire modes. So like, with Kenny, he has the aim-down-sights, that's one of his modes and then he has a regular-fire shot, and the goop shot, and then the other guns all have different modes."

But which of the High on Life weapons is Spano's favourite?

He told us: "I love Knifey. Knifey is so good. But I'm a huge Tim Robinson fan, so I also really love Creature. He's the one who shoots little babies out - he's so funny to play with. But honestly, all the guns are really funny.

"We got JB Smoove as one of the guns. Betsy Sodaro does one of the guns. That gun is kind of like a bully to you when you play. It's pretty cool. You can play the game all the way with Kenny, if you want, to hear all this dialogue. You can play with Sweezy, different dialogue. It's like the whole game is meant to be replayed. So depending on which gun you use, you hear a lot of different stuff. It's pretty cool."

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If you'd like to know more about the High on Life guns and how to unlock all of these quirky weapons, keep on reading and we'll run through them all for you!

High on Life guns: Full weapons list & how to unlock them


  • Main function: Basic pistol
  • Alt ability: Fires a 'glob shot' that can rotate certain structures and catapult enemies
  • Voiced by: Justin Roiland
  • Unlocked: During the tutorial at the start


  • Main function: Melee weapon
  • Alt ability: Functions as a grapple. Can also deflect certain attacks
  • Voiced by: Michael Cusack
  • Unlocked: During the 9-Torg bounty
Gus, a talking shotgun from High on Life.
Gus, a talking shotgun from High on Life. Squanch Games


  • Main function: Shotgun
  • Alt ability: Fires discs that can hurt enemies and create traversal platforms. Can also suck enemies towards you
  • Voiced by: JB Smoove
  • Unlocked: During the Krubis bounty


  • Main function: Semi-automatic pistol
  • Alt ability: Projectiles that explode on impact (like the Needler from Halo). Can also create a time bubble to slow down foes
  • Voiced by: Betsy Sodaro
  • Unlocked: During the Douglas bounty


  • Main function: Fires tiny babies as bullets (handy in puzzles as well as combat)
  • Alt ability: Uses a 'hypno baby' to briefly control an enemy
  • Voiced by: Tim Robinson
  • Unlocked: During the Skrendel Bros bounty


  • Main function: Plasma canon
  • Alt ability: His powerful arc blasts can take out multiple enemies at once. Do you really need more?
  • Voiced by: TBC
  • Unlocked: After the Nipulon bounty

And that's it, all the talking weapons you can collect in High on Life. You can see them in action in the video below. Or, you know, you could play the game and get them for yourself.

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