Squanch Games has now launched High on Life into the world, but is there a chance that it could spawn a franchise full of sequels and expansions?


A few months ago, at the Gamescom 2022 conference back in August, RadioTimes.com put this question to Mikey Spano (the art director and CCO at Squanch Games) - and his answer was an interesting one.

So, if you're wondering if there could be more to come from the world(s) of High on Life, keep on reading to find out!

Will there be a High on Life 2? Developer talks sequel hopes

Although High on Life 2 has not been announced, it does seem plausible that the game could spawn sequels - and it sounds like the developers are open to it.

After trying the High on Life demo in the Xbox area at Gamescom, we asked Spano of Squanch Games if he sees this as the start of a franchise.

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Spano replied positively, saying: "I really hope so. We have to see what kind of audience we can build. But if people really respond to it, and it sells well enough, I absolutely want to keep building on it."

He continued: "This is our baby at the studio, you know? We put a lot of thought into the universe and like where it could go, and there's even a little bit of a tease at the end of like a potential sequel that we're kind of teeing up."

What exactly is that tease? Spano said: "It's very secret, you know, like hardcore players will find it. But we want to make more, for sure."

It also sounds like there could potentially be scope for DLC/updates to the first High on Life game. The game was still a few months out from launch when we spoke, but Spano said: "We'll be building more bounties as we go. Hopefully the game has legs and we can keep adding to it."

Also, the fact that High on Life is launching on Xbox Game Pass could help things along. Spano added: "It's literally, like, a way to get a conversation going really fast. You know? And then [you can] build that momentum you have.

"You want people to be talking about the game. So we hope that it's good, and that people are talking about it, and I think they will be. It's really slick and cool, I think." So, hopefully it won't be the last we see of this universe!

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