With High on Life launching this week, you might be wondering how many hours you will need in order to beat the new Xbox and PC game from Justin Roiland's Squanch Games.


At the Gamescom 2022 conference in August this year, RadioTimes.com chatted to art director Mikey Spano, who is also CCO of Squanch Games, about all things High on Life - and the game's length is one thing we asked him about.

So, if you're wondering how long High on Life is, keep on reading and we'll pass on the insights we got straight from the developer's mouth!

How long is High on Life? Developer reveals how many hours you'll need

Mikey Spano from Squanch Games told us that High on Life will take "10 plus hours, at least" to beat.

Spano noted: "It's hard to say how big the game is because it's so variable to what you do. And there's moments in between bounties where you can just go off and explore and do side missions and stuff like that. So I couldn't even tell you [exactly], we're still honing it, but my guess is it's gonna be 10 plus hours, at least."

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Spano went on to say: "I'm trying to think of like, all the stuff you can do. There's so much somebody can do. Like, I'm surprised when I play. I'm like, 'I never saw that! I didn't know you can do that.' Because the team is so passionate, they're just like, 'We gotta get this cool thing in.'"

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Spano also said there are hours of content you can just sit and watch in the main character's home: "There's like four full-length movies. There's countless inter-dimensional cable shorts [a familiar concept to Rick and Morty fans], probably like seven plus hours of content, you can just sit and watch on the TV. It's great."

On top of that, he added: "There's a movie theatre, you can teleport in. You can go in and watch movies, and there's aliens in there, like, commenting on the movies. And this is the Red Letter Media guy. So there are aliens in the there, you can just sit in the theatre and listen to them riff on the movies as you're watching. It's pretty cool."

And on top of that, he said there's puzzles, too.

"There's these narrative bases and puzzles you can warp in. In like the same way you can warp your house in, you can warp in different bases, and like, those bases have crazy stuff, like super weird non-equiturs and stuff. There's a ton of content."

Spano also noted later in the interview that replaying the game will be worthwhile, because each different gun has a different story to tell.

"You can play the game all the way with Kenny, if you want, to hear all this dialogue. You can play with Sweezy, different dialogue. It's like the whole game is meant to be replayed. So depending on which gun you use, you hear a lot of different stuff." You might want to clear your schedule, then.

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