It's been a big month for Rick and Morty fans, who were treated to not only the season six finale but a brand new game from the show's co-creator Justin Roiland: High on Life.


Rick and Morty DNA is all over this highly inventive Xbox and PC release, with Roiland once again lending his signature humour but also his voice - this time to talking gun Kenny.

Yes, the High on Life voice cast will be unlike any other as several of them will in fact be playing talking guns who crack meta jokes and dirty quips throughout your adventure, while the rest will bring to life a wide variety of wacky aliens.

No wonder fans think High on Life might be connected to Rick and Morty - here's the full cast who lent their voices to this space oddity, along with a heads up on where you might have seen (or heard!) them before.

Full cast list of High on Life voice actors

See below for the High on Life cast who voiced aliens, guns and other out-of-this-world characters (though several are credited as additional voices for bringing to life various NPCs):

  • Justin Roiland – plays Kenny
  • Michael Cusack – plays Knifey
  • JB Smoove – plays Gus
  • Betsy Sodaro – plays Sweezy
  • Tim Robinson – plays Creature
  • Laura Silverman – plays Lizzie
  • Dave Herman – plays Gene
  • Kevin McDonald - plays Dr. Giblets
  • Maria Bamford - additional voices
  • Nolan North - additional voices
  • Thomas Middleditch - plays Ranchy
  • Jennifer Hale - additional voices
  • Tara Strong - additional voices
  • Mary Mack - plays Jor

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Where do you recognise the High on Life voice actors from?

From left to right: JB Smoove, Michael Cusack, Betsy Sodaro and Tim Robinson.
From left to right: JB Smoove, Michael Cusack, Betsy Sodaro and Tim Robinson. Images via Getty: Gilbert Flores, Craig Barritt / Stringer / NBC

We'll start with Justin Roiland himself (pictured at the top of this page with his character Kenny), the mastermind behind the whole project. His voice has become stitched into the social fabric over the past decade, voicing both Rick and Morty in their show. You'll also have heard his voice in many other animated shows – Solar Opposites, Adventure Time, Gravity Falls, and Fish Hooks.

JB Smoove voices Gus, and his name is more associated with live TV than animation. He had a long stint on Saturday Night Live, before appearing in huge sitcoms like Curb Your Enthusiasm and The Millers. Marvel fans might know him as Julius Dell in the last two Spider-Man films. He also appeared in the Blockbuster series on Netflix recently.

Michael Cusack voices Knifey. Cusack is a regular on the animated scene, having notably written, directed and starred in the series Smiling Friends. He also worked on an Australian-themed Rick and Morty parody short called Bushworld Adventures, which seems to have put him on the radar of Roiland and co.

Betsy Sodaro voices Sweezy and you may recognise her from such projects as The To-Do List, Hubie Halloween, Disjointed, Monsters University, Trolls World Tour, Valley Girl and the American version of Ghosts.

Tim Robinson is another Saturday Night Live alumni, who is no stranger to animation. He's lent his voice to Star Trek: Lower Decks, Solar Opposites, and Middlemost Post - among many others. He's also the star of the Netflix sketch comedy show I Think You Should Leave with Tim Robinson.

Thomas Middleditch voices the one-eyed, purple-skinned alien Ranchy, but you'll know him from a more human role in Silicon Valley. He also appeared in Zombieland 2, Godzilla: King of the Monsters and the Roiland project Solar Opposites. Check out Middleditch and Schwartz on Netflix to see him at the height of his comedy powers.

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Finally, gamers will have heard the voices of Nolan North and Jennifer Hale at least somewhere. North has appeared as Nathan Drake in the Uncharted series, as well as Deadpool in many different titles.

Jennifer Hale has voiced both Naomi Hunter and Emma Emmerich in Metal Gear Solid, as well as starring in other huge franchises like Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic, Mass Effect and Bioshock and the recent Bayonetta 3. A vocal rock star like her only makes us more excited to play High on Life!

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