Rick and Morty fans, assemble! Your favourite cartoon will soon be returning for season 7, albeit with one big difference: there’ll be new voice talent for the show's titular main characters.


That's right, folks: the trailer for the new season has been released, and it features two voice actors replacing co-creator Justin Roiland, who was dismissed by Adult Swim due to misconduct allegations.

Following Roiland’s departure, Adult Swim announced it was going to recast the voices with new actors, who can be heard in the new trailer.

However, in an unusual move, the replacement talent has not yet been named.

“It’s happening,” Michael Ouweleen, president of Adult Swim, said in a press release. “Thanks to the talent of the entire show team, we can all enjoy 10 new episodes that yet again raise the bar for comedy and animation. This season proves that the geniuses at work on ‘Rick and Morty’ are just getting started.”

A cryptic season 7 summary was also released, which also references the recasting.

“Rick and Morty are back and sounding more like themselves than ever,” it reads. “It’s season seven, and the possibilities are endless: what’s up with Jerry? EVIL Summer?! And will they ever go back to the high school?! Maybe not! But let’s find out! There’s probably less piss than last season. ‘Rick and Morty,’ 100 years! Or at least until season 10!”

Since season 6 premiered its finale in December 2022, fans have been desperate to hear about any new news around the drunken professor and nerdy protégé's misadventures.

While Rick and Morty initially began as an Adult Swim riff on Back to the Future, in recent years it has evolved to become a sustained satire on a wide variety of current entertainment issues, with one of the most famous episodes being Never Ricking Morty, a meta deconstruction of the very structure of stories and how we form them. Pretty intelligent stuff considering this was the same show that gave us Pickle Rick.

While Rick and Morty has always had a vague story sketched out, often in the background for dedicated fans to piece together, in recent seasons that serialised storytelling has now come to the forefront. One of the more crucial elements came to the forefront in season 6 as Rick was faced with the man who killed his wife, giving us fresh understanding of what set him on his chaotic path in life.

So what can we expect from season 7? Read on for everything you need to know.

Rick and Morty season 7 release date

Rick and Morty
Adult Swim

It's official! Rick and Morty season 7 will premiere on Adult Swim on Sunday 15th October 2023.

New seasons of Rick and Morty air first on E4 and All4 in the UK, before landing on Netflix at a later date.

How many seasons of Rick and Morty will there be?

Rick and Morty
Rick and Morty Adult Swim

After the wildly popular third season, Adult Swim renewed Rick and Morty for 70 additional episodes, 30 of which have now been produced across seasons 4 through 6.

Though co-creator Dan Harmon has previously expressed interest in longer seasons of the show, it seems like it will stay at 10 episodes apiece for the time being, which would bring the show to 10 seasons by the end of this contract.

It remains to be seen whether the show would wind down at that point, or if the team would renegotiate to keep the ball rolling.

How many episodes of Rick and Morty season 7 are there?

Keeping in form with the seasons previous, season 7 of Rick and Morty has been confirmed to have 10 episodes, and recently the episode titles have been revealed:

  • How Poopy Got His Poop Back
  • The Jerrick Trap
  • Air Force Wrong
  • That's Amorte
  • Unmotricken
  • Rickfending Your Mort
  • Wet Kuat Amortican Summer
  • Rise of the Numbericons: The Movie
  • Mort: Ragnarick
  • Fear No Mort

As usual it's not the easiest to understand how these episode titles reflect what will happen, but we're sure once they've all aired, fans will be able to figure out the meaning behind each title.

Rick and Morty season 7 cast

You can expect the main Rick and Morty cast to return for season 7, but this time without co-creator Justin Roiland as the voice of both title characters.

In season 6, guest stars included Peter Dinklage, Lisa Kudrow, Paul Giamatti, Jack Black and Daniel Radcliffe, as well as Peep Show trio David Mitchell, Robert Webb and Matt King.

Here's a reminder of the principal Rick and Morty cast:

  • TBC as Rick Sanchez and Morty Smith
  • Chris Parnell as Jerry Smith
  • Spencer Grammer as Summer Smith
  • Sarah Chalke as Beth Smith and Space Beth

What could happen in Rick and Morty season 7?

Rick and Jerry in Rick and Morty season 6
Rick and Jerry in Rick and Morty season 6 Adult Swim

For a show with as many high-concept premises and off-the-wall twists as Rick and Morty, it's difficult to forecast exactly what might happen in any given season.

That being said, you can expect season 7 to pick up the pieces of another blistering finale, which saw troubled scientist Rick confront yet more personal demons. On 6th September 2023, Adult Swim released another short teaser featuring Summer and Beth hypothesising what could happen in Season 7.

In the short teaser, there are a few glimpses of potential story beats that could occur, such as Summer potentially building her own 'Citadel of Summers' to take on the Galactic Federation, the return of Gearhead, and perhaps most unbelievably, Morty may finally date Jessica. Given these are all ideas that came from Summer and Beth spinning possibilities, take these all with a big grain of salt.

Is there a Rick and Morty season 7 trailer?

Just before the release date was announced, a short teaser for season 7 dropped.

Watch it below:

Rick and Morty is available to stream on Netflix. Check out more of our Sci-Fi coverage or visit our TV Guide and Streaming Guide to find out what's on.


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