With Rick and Morty set to return for its seventh season in the coming months, one of the show's producers has addressed the recast of the series's two main characters which is currently underway.


The show's co-creator and star Justin Roiland was dropped from the show in January 2023 after he was charged with domestic violence. The charges, which he denied, were dismissed in March 2023, with a spokesperson for the Orange County district attorney’s office saying that this was as a "result of having insufficient evidence to prove the case beyond a reasonable doubt".

Speaking during a panel to celebrate the show's 10th anniversary, producer Steve Levy addressed the recasts and said, as reported by IGN: "We are closing in on the end of our process of the recast. It’s going to be great… I’m thoroughly impressed… That’s the thing I don’t want to be overshadowed."

Levy also confirmed that the recasts would be soundalikes rather than taking the voices in a different direction, confirming that "the characters are the same characters".

Rick and Morty season 6
Rick and Morty season 6 Adult Swim

Levy also teased the upcoming seventh season, confirming it is "in the can", while adding that season 8 has been written and season 9 is now underway.

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He also revealed some returning characters, saying: "Bird Person, Squanchy... Gene... Rick's favourite friend... all of your favourites... Gearhead... It wouldn't be the full crew without Mr. Poopy Butthole. So there's a lot to look forward to this season, and I promise that Squanchy will Squanch again."

At San Diego Comic-Con fans were also given a look at new off-shoot series Rick and Morty: The Anime, which is a Japanese language series following different versions of the central characters.

The first-look also included a message from the anime series's director Takashi Sano, who said that his intention with the show is to take all his favourite parts of the original show and "compress them down to extract their essence, and then add a unique Japanese twist".

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