Peep Show is a critically acclaimed TV comedy series that follows the lives of two best friends from university - the 'El Dude brothers' - as they fumble through the rites of passage of adult life, and fail miserably at pretty much everything they do.


In 2019, Peep Show was named by Radio Times as the 13th best British sitcom of all time, according to a panel of 42 comedy experts.

Where to watch Peep Show?

You can watch Peep Show on All4, Amazon Prime Video, Netflix or Sky. You could also buy the full DVD box set or buy episodes on iTunes.

What is Peep Show about?

Peep Show follows the depressing lives of the El Dude brothers, Mark and Jeremy, who were friends at university and haven't done much with their lives since.

Jeremy is a disorganised, selfish but enthusiastic failed musician who lives rent-free in Mark's flat. Mark initially appears more put together than Jeremy because he at least is financially secure and in employment, but the series reveals this to be an illusion as he tramples from disaster to disaster, often because he is simply too awkward to deal with his emotions head-on.

Who's in the cast of the peep show?

Olivia Colman, Getty, SL
Olivia Colman, Getty, SL

Loan manager Mark Corrigan is played by David Mitchell, whilst unemployed musician Jeremy Osborne is played by Robert Webb. The comedy duo went on to other projects including That Mitchell and Webb Look, and their recently released series, Back.

Oscar winner Olivia Colman played Sophie Chapman, Mark's love interest (of sorts), while Matt King played Super Hans, Jeremy's drug addict friend and bandmate.

Mark's work colleague Gerard was played by Horrible Histories star Jim Howick, and Dobby, a co-worker Mark took a liking to, was played by comedian Isy Suttie.

How many seasons of Peep Show are there?

Peep Show has nine seasons and a total of 54 episodes.

Who wrote Peep Show?

Peep Show was written by Jesse Armstrong and Sam Bain, with additional material from David Mitchell and Robert Webb.

When did Peep Show start?

The show's first episode aired in September 2003.

Where is Peep Show set?

Peep Show is mostly set in Croydon, London, where main characters Mark and Jez share a flat.

Where was Peep Show filmed?

Mark and Jez's block of flats was called Apollo House in the series, but the real building is called Zodiac Court and is in West Croydon. The flat's owners allowed the first two seasons to be filmed in the flat there, but from season three onwards they refused, so a replica had to be constructed in Neasden.


Why did Peep Show end?

Robert Webb told Digital Spy that the reason the show had to end was that it was becoming 'almost too tragic to be funny' as the El Dude brothers moved from their late 20s to middle age.